Crystal Boson

what it is to be a white man

come on outside
bring the good knife
pick a pig      any pig
learn to kill      a sweet thing
that can’t harm you


God willin and
the creek

granddaddy paid for this land
and these triflin ass levees
can’t hold in a piss
we got water      rot      and no floor
we ain’t leavin this house
crawdads in the carpet
means we ain’t gonna starve
go on an wait out the rain
we can’t move on out
what the devil moves in


drymouth prayer #6

good God
all a man can really ask for
is a few more good years
of hard sleepin an ass sweat
to season up a favorite chair

Author Portrait

Crystal Boson is a Black, queer, Southern, specifically Texan writer, no matter where in the US she is currently paying rent. She is both a Callaloo and Cave Canem fellow, former academic and perpetual reader. She has published poems in Callaloo, Pank, The Black Bottom, and Parcel. She has two chapbooks: the queer texas prayerbook and the icarus series with Seven Kitchens Press. In 2014, she was awarded the Langston Hughes Creative Writing Award and her poem, "Kansas up south," was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2015. She is currently working on her first full collection, bitter map.

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