Patrick Kurth

receipt paper poem

in a hanging garden plush with ferns and eucalyptus
the parsimonious dead tally with clicking fingers
the pitiable debts of their kin:
several shrouded lamentations
the ferry fare
an immolant icon's bouquet

in the huddled postures of the moon
they cast clots of clay
and their threadbare spools
to allot like bored oracles
spoils of the apocrypha

they shoot dice like junkie don juans
on the cusp of a bowl of blood
gulping hemlock foibles from wineskins
feasting on platters of ribeye caprice

the exquisite corpses read in their soil runes
a rotted wheat silo
and the pestilence of jealousy
a lark, jealousy!
some among them rock with laughs smooth and sallow as wax
they swear by the diffidence of their widowed mothers
to refinance the houses of the dead

juice church

the dirt catacomb is
split with garnet veins
of côtes du rhône

she echoes humdrum synth loops
ombre neons
the sumi burble of inscrutable splotches

here again littered with chalked tin
cans spewing cracked ids
and pickled postures

the woodrot ceiling
sighs on crutches and splints
earth's counter-coup to the mob

the shrine runs with mascaras
salt springs deferent to stalactite pruning
make of it what you will as you wash it away

Author Portrait

Patrick Kurth writes from the parks, galleries, and watering holes of Brooklyn, NY. He took up verse without training or aims or expectation, but he has come to find poetry richly rewarding. This issue of Watershed Review marks the first publication of his poems, and he's grateful for the opportunity to exhibit his work. You can usually find him looking at Rodin pieces at the Metropolitan museum or binding books at his desk.