Jeddie Sophronius

The End of All Our Worries

is waiting in different places. Mine is in mountains. Mine is kneeling, praying, like Rinjani: two mountains on top of each other, like a page ripped from the Kama Sutra. In the mountains of Indonesia, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what language you speak, or what sacred book you’re carrying in your pocket. The wind will translate. Is that a Bible I see? In the mountains, I can easily pull off an American accent, or Singaporean. The tourists never believe me when I say I was born here. I’m a Child of the Sea. The porters & guides never believe me either. My hair is a tinge too brown. I see a man in a grey robe standing on the mountaintop, preaching: “You can never go enough to the mountains, even when you are dying.” Or is it my father? He is old, wise, & like all wise men, he is dying. His too is in mountains.

Author Portrait

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Jeddie Sophronius is a junior at Western Michigan University, majoring in English with emphasis in Creative Writing. He currently lives in Kalamazoo.