Dan Roche


  • Between Sets, NYC
  • Fastball
  • Fruit Bowl
  • Male Gaze
  • NYC Hotel Room
  • Rapt
  • Runner
  • Skater, Syracuse
Artist Portrait

Dan Roche is a Midwesterner by birth and rearing and a Northeasterner by choice and post-childhood fate. He’s been a nonfiction writer for decades, with personal essays in literary venues such as The North American Review, Fourth Genre, and River Teeth, and he’s published two memoirs. For a long time, his work as a photographer went mostly into very organized three-ring binders of family snapshots. In 2016 he had his first solo exhibition, “Composure,” a series (from which these photos are taken) that bears witness to moments of stillness or pause, not for the camera, but for the subjects themselves, or something beyond themselves—maybe exhaustion, maybe an intentional psychological gathering or a liberating empty-mindedness (the good kind, the Zen kind). Besides some photojournalism from when he was a newspaper reporter in West Virginia, these are Roche’s first published photos.

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