Meet Our Editors

Sarah Pape

Sarah Pape teaches English and works as the Managing Editor of Watershed Review at Chico State. Her poetry and prose has recently been published or is forthcoming in: New England Review, Passages North, Ecotone, Crab Orchard Review, Bluestem, The Pinch, Smartish Pace, Hayden’s Ferry Review, and others. Her chapbook, Ruination Atlas, was published this year (dancing girl press). She curates community literary programming and is a member of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. 

Heather Stogsdill

Web Editor, Heather Stogsdill was born and raised among the buttes of Northern California in the small city of Oroville. At seventeen, Heather enlisted into the Army National Guard and was honorably discharged two years later. She then completed two Associate’s degrees at Butte Community College in her hometown. Heather currently attends California State University, Chico as a double major in Nursing and English Literature/Studies. She has been the web-editor for Watershed Review for the past year, and has had the recent privilege of helping to create their upcoming anthology. Heather hopes to eventually enter the Master’s program at Chico State for her graduate studies in English.

Jeanette Keables

Prose Editor-in-Chief, Jeanette Keables is an undergraduate at CSU, Chico and will complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in English spring 2017 with a minor in Creative Writing. She is currently serving as lead Prose Editor for Watershed Review. An advocate for struggling students, she has tutored math and English at the elementary and secondary levels. She enjoys writing prose and poetry, perusing bookstores, and hiking with Curt, her husband of thirty-three years and their English Labrador, Gus. Jeanette can be found at the public library nearly every week, packing out more books than she can possibly read.

Desirae Augood

Desirae Augood will receive a Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Chico, in May of 2017. She studies literature and history and has a passion for rhetoric. During her time there, she participated in an English writing workshop for first year writers while also grappling with pedagogical theories. She has too much grocery store experience for a person wishing to publish her many works addressing socio-political issues, but just enough academic experience to validate that wish. She hopes to travel, work with nonprofits, teach community college, and continue writing and editing.

Violet Becker

Violet Becker is an English Studies undergraduate at Chico State, and will be graduating this May. She is an academic writing tutor and she plans to pursue a career in teaching English at a community college in the near future. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry as well as fiction and creative nonfiction. She is an avid rabbit lover and is the owner of three spoiled rabbits.

Kyleen Bromley

Kyleen Bromley received her Masters in Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is currently working towards her Masters in Creative Writing at CSU, Chico. While living in Beverly Hills, Kyleen was an editor’s assistant for Tips & Tricks and Hot Boat Magazine. She is currently an editor for Watershed Review, a writer for a local magazine, Upgraded Living, and has a radio program dedicated to the work of new, unpublished writers. Kyleen currently teaches academic writing. Her favorite author is David Sedaris, and she loves watching Wes Anderson movies. She is an avid surf fan and even admits to having a Fantasy Surf team. Kyleen currently resides in Chico, California, with her cat, Andy.

Jeremy Couch

Jeremy Couch is an undergraduate at California State University, Chico, currently serving as an editor for the campus literary magazine, Watershed Review. He grew up in a small northern California town. A downright optimist with a hint of nice guy and a touch of momma’s boy, he enjoys soaking up the sun and believes it’s the little things in life that are worth living for.

Mathew Fridrich

Mathew Fridrich is an undergraduate in the English Education program at California State University, Chico, with a minor in creative writing. He is currently serving on the editorial staff for CSU, Chico's Watershed Review. When he is not fighting the tidal wave of undergraduate work that threatens to drown him, he enjoys spending time with his fiancé and daughter, creating acrylic and graphite artwork, and riding mountain bikes in Oroville, California, where he currently resides.

Claire Green

Claire Green is currently an undergraduate student at California State University, Chico pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communication Design Media Arts and enjoys creating entertaining and informative YouTube videos in her free time. She is a devout Christian and is passionate about using creative fiction and nonfiction writing and video-making to creatively communicate her beliefs and discoveries.

Karla Haro

Karla Haro is an aspiring English teacher who will be obtaining her English degree in the spring of 2017 from California State University, Chico. Her main interest is reading fiction and creative nonfiction, and drinking boba teas in downtown Chico. She hopes to bring to her classes a deeper understanding of literary magazines in the future, and a passion for writing and editing as well.

Cece Lara

Cece Lara is currently a student at California State University, Chico. This is her last semester before receiving her Bachelors of Arts, majoring in English Education.  She plans to take some time off before returning to Chico State to work toward a double credential in English and Math. Her goal is to teach high school.

Cheryl McBryde

Cheryl (Cheri) McBryde is an undergraduate student at CSU, Chico pursuing a degree in English Education, with a minor in Creative Writing. Currently overwhelmed, she is taking eighteen units and serves on the editing board of Watershed Review. Through her poetry, she explores the ways in which we are connected, to nature, to our past, and through our experiences, to each other. When not busy with school, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two amazing daughters, exploring the beauty of Northern California, and practicing yoga.

Luke Scholl

Luke Scholl is a student at CSU, Chico working on his MA in creative writing. He works as a prose editor for CSUC’s Watershed Review and teaches academic writing. He is a proud nerd of just about everything you can be a nerd for.

Cheri Tice

Cherie Tice is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in English, while minoring in linguistics and working toward her TESOL certification at California State University, Chico. She works as an English tutor for second language learners and is on the editorial staff for Watershed Review. She resides in Oroville, California.

Brooke Wagner

Brooke Wagner currently lives in Chico, California. She served on the editorial staff of the Watershed Review at CSU, Chico, while earning a bachelor’s degree in both Spanish and English. She spent a year abroad in Madrid, Spain, where she studied Spanish language, literature, and the art of crafting the perfect sangria. She hopes to continue to explore diverse cultures and their various relationships to literature.

Ginamarie Wallace

Ginamarie Wallace is a second year English Master’s student with an emphasis in Literacy and Language at CSU, Chico. She has experience teaching English 130I also at CSU, Chico, and her ultimate career goal is to be a First Year Composition instructor at a two-year college. She is currently the Vice President of Academic Affairs for the English Graduate Student Council as well as part of the editorial staff for the Watershed Review. When not reading and writing for academic purposes, Ginamarie enjoys writing poems about her large, eccentric family, including the many dogs in her life.

Jer Xiong

Jer Xiong is a Hmong American from Chico, California. She will receive her BA in English Studies this May, and is planning to do her MA in English with emphasis in Creative Writing at the same institution. She has been published in Multicultural Echoes, showcased in a school gallery, and presented her nonfiction at the English Graduate Student Council Fall Symposium. She is an editor with Watershed Review, a writing tutor on campus, and a traveler at heart, having recently studied abroad in Bangalore, India.