Meet Our Editors

Sarah Pape

Sarah Pape teaches English and works as the Managing Editor of Watershed Review at Chico State. Her poetry and prose has recently been published in The New York TimesNew England Review, Passages North, Ecotone, Crab Orchard Review, Bluestem, The Pinch, Smartish Pace, Hayden’s Ferry Review, and others. Her chapbook, Ruination Atlas, was published this year (dancing girl press). She curates community literary programming and is a member of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. 

Elly Palmer

Elly Palmer is currently attending California State University, Chico, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English with a focus on literature. Poetry dabbler in her formative years, Elly now seeks to refine her reading and writing skills as she pursues her dream of being a copy editor, gaining motivation from her librarian grandmother. Elly is honing her editorial eye for detail while serving as a self-taught Web Editor for Watershed Review. In her spare time Elly reads, watches anime, freelance edits for fanfiction writers and authors both aspiring and published, and cuddles and comforts her co-dependent cats, Pippin and Vanyel.

Marly Adams

When not pouring shots of espresso and steaming milk, Marly Adams writes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for children and adults. Marly is currently attending CSU, Chico, working toward a degree in Liberal Studies and a minor in Creative Writing. Not only is she striving to become an Elementary school teacher to support student’s writing, but she hopes her writing will be voice for those who are not heard. Her work is based on her travels from Florida with the loggerhead sea turtles, to wild hares in New Mexico, to goats and sheep in California on her family’s ranch.

Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson was born in the small, quiet, rural town of Oroville, California. Her hobbies are usually solitary, having mostly to do with her having her nose in a book or a paintbrush in her hand. She is currently closing in on her Bachelor's in Literature and is hoping to break into the world of publishing and editing once she graduates. She is currently residing in her hometown, enjoying the company of her family, friends, two cats, and rat, Olive.

Brooke Bailey

Brooke Bailey is a third-year undergraduate student at CSU, Chico, majoring in English. Upon obtaining her BA, she intends to pursue a TESOL certificate and an MFA in Creative Writing. She worked on the editorial staff of the American River Review and Watershed Review. While she works toward her goal of becoming a Creative Writing professor, Bailey writes poetry, does yoga, and explores creek and river trails in her spare time. Both a people watcher and a people person, she enjoys exploring the spectrums of personality.

Mackenzie Berlin

Mackenzie Berlin is finishing up her last semester as an undergraduate, studying English Education and creative writing at California State University, Chico. Over the last four years she has been involved with Sigma Kappa sorority, serving as the special events coordinator as well as house manager, while attending various community service events. After she is done with school this December, Mackenzie will continue to pursue creative writing endeavors, while also attending beauty school. In her free time you can catch her writing poetry from a narrative point of view, as she struggles with bipolar disorder and depression and uses poetry to keep her mindset positive. She hopes to one day be a published author with her poetry series, “My Manic Life.”

Alyssa Clark

Alyssa Clark is currently in her fourth year at California State University, Chico, and majors in English Studies. She has studied abroad in the United Kingdom and has applied her experiences to her studies. Her goal is to be a high school English teacher and she plans to graduate by June 2019. As an editor for the Watershed Review, she devotes her time to working on the Chico State literary journal. Throughout her life, she has lived in numerous locations throughout California and loves traveling, photography, and playing music. She strives to someday be a good teacher not just for herself, but her future peers and students as well.

Joseph Davis

Joseph Davis is a fifth-year undergraduate student studying English Education and Creative Writing at California State University, Chico. While his main focus is screenwriting, he also writes poems, short stories, songs, analytical and critical essays, and collaborated on an original stage play backed by a successful online crowdfunding campaign. He is passionate about leftist politics, filmmaking, and songwriting, and hopes to continue to practice these after graduation. He’s skilled in technical theatre with a focus on lighting and sound and has acted in and worked on several theatrical productions including Romeo and Juliet, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged, and Into the Woods.

Elliott H. Fennell

Elliott H. Fennell, born and raised in the mountains of northern California, has experienced the visceral tangibility of life as both a volunteer firefighter and a nurse’s aide. Midway through his college career he decided to pursue his aspirations in the hopes of becoming both an author and a teacher of English Literature. Currently studying at CSU, Chico, Elliott seeks to enhance his writing abilities by writing short stories. In his private life he enjoys spending time with family and his dog, Michael.

Kelly Hack

Kelly Hack is in her second year at CSU, Chico, majoring in English with the hopes of becoming a writer one day. She mainly writes flash and regular fiction along with free-verse poems when she wants to vent a little (you know what you did Brad). She spends too much of her free time at her sorority, Alpha Chi, as the Public Relations officer organizing volunteer opportunities and running the social media pages. When not in school or at her sorority she can usually be found listening to Taylor Swift, and hoping she can pet her cats one day without dying from her very tragic cat allergy.

Emily Huso

Emily Huso is a graduate student in the English master’s program at California State University, Chico, where she serves as instructor of record for a section of beginning creative writing. In her spare time, Emily enjoys writing lifestyle articles for Upgraded Living and volunteering as assistant fiction editor at The Tishman Review. In the future, she hopes to pursue an MFA in creative writing toward her goal of teaching creative writing at a university.

Cindy Kivett

Cindy Kivett is an undergraduate at California State University, Chico. She is simultaneously working towards degrees in Literary Studies and Italian. Her aspiration is to one day be employed with an International Publishing House, while continuing to pursue her own writing career. She has spent the last several years working in the medical field as a paramedic. That career taught her much about people, love, loss, joy, sorrow and insanity. It has also provided her with an abundance of writing material. In her spare time she enjoys the company of her many pets, reading, wine, cycling, and more wine.

Kelsey Ogle

Kelsey Ogle was born in San Bernardino, California, and raised in Rialto, California. She was born prematurely at twenty-five weeks and has cerebral palsy. Her physical limitations led her to develop a strong imagination and a love of reading fiction and telling and writing stories of her own. She is currently an undergraduate English major with double minors in Creative Writing and Journalism at Chico State (Class of 2020) and she is a member of the editing team for Chico State’s online literary magazine, Watershed Review. She wants to make a living as a young adult fiction writer, but plans to go into the journalism, literary editing, or teaching field in the meantime. Ogle enjoys classic rock, punk, alternative rock, post hardcore, and country music. She likes to make soundtracks that tie in with the plots of her stories to help enrich the reading experience.

Gordon Papalias

Gordon Papalias is an English Education major in his fourth year at California State University, Chico. He has been interested in writing his whole life and is currently an editor for Watershed Review at CSU, Chico. He spends his winter and summer breaks away from school where he grew up in Gilroy, California. When he isn’t writing poems, he likes to spend time with his friends and family and he enjoys going to Lake Tahoe whenever he gets the chance. His favorite daily pastime is taking his Goldendoodle to the park where he draws inspiration for his writing from the people around him. He hopes to one day be a sports writer or a teacher, and is willing to go wherever life takes him.

William Pfaff

William Pfaff is a full-time pizza chef, full-time queer, and, on select days, a full-time undergraduate student at Chico State. Southern California is where they were born, in the dry, yet breathtaking, landscape of the high desert. They aspire to put a mirror up to society with their writing, to help make a social change within a creative field. As an editor, they aspire to hold literature, art, and fashion to a higher standard of intersectionality, equity, and beauty. They aim to utilize all of their creative talents into the field of editing and publishing, aspiring to work as a magazine editor. As an artist, it is their goal express their own perspective vividly; to always be in pursuit of refining and tuning their work as a prolific writer of their time.

Jewel E. Sanchez

Jewel E. Sanchez is a young, queer, Latina poet opening the dialogue between the youth of color in America and her readers. Writing about her home town in East Oakland, California, Sanchez illustrates the hardship between youth and violence, racism, immigration and the overall “Brown Experience.” She is currently a student at CSU, Chico, and is studying English and creative writing.

Kathy Steenson

Kathy Steenson is a return student who has enjoyed writing and editing in the past and now wants to extend her knowledge of those subjects. Kathy credits her parents for her love of reading and writing, as she was raised in a house full of books and newspapers that were shared among the family members. She will read just about anything, but favors nonfiction, especially WWII stories of victims and heroes. Kathy feels extremely fortunate to be a student at CSU, Chico, and appreciates the awesome and compassionate faculty. She hails from Florida, but makes Northern California her home for now. After graduating in December 2019, Kathy plans to return to volunteer work in her community.

Shelby Sybrant

Shelby Sybrant is a fourth-year undergraduate at California State University, Chico, pursuing a degree in English Studies and a minor in Creative Writing. Sybrant is currently a student editor for Watershed Review. She spends her days working in an administration office on campus, answering phones, running the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Facebook page, and finding the little delights in processing paperwork. When not working, writing, or learning, one can find her attempting to do yoga, pilfering the stacks at her favorite record store, or digging through a local antique shop. She is currently preparing to graduate and explore all the writing material that the world has to offer.

Jennifer Vitamanti-Borel

Jennifer Vitamanti-Borel is currently completing the final leg of her degree in English Education at CSU, Chico. Following her December 2018 graduation, she will be entering Chico State’s credential program. Her dream is to teach high school English, and to someday write children’s books. A passionate bibliophile, her favorite genres include historical fiction, memoirs, poetry, and children’s literature. Before deciding to pursue her current path towards becoming a teacher, Jennifer owned a children’s boutique with her mother. When she isn’t reading, Jennifer enjoys soaking up sunshine, drinking coffee, cooking, gardening, and spending time with her three children.

Hannah Yeager

Hannah Yeager is a student at CSU, Chico, and has written for the magazine ChicoSol, an investigative journalism platform, and the Chico State school paper, The Orion. Through her experiences in the journalism industry, she found a love for creative nonfiction and how it can be used in both literary magazines and news media.