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Poll Everywhere

What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is a web-based student response system. During class, instructors display a Poll Everywhere activity on-screen and students respond with their devices. The results appear live on the screen for the class to discuss or for the instructor to grade.

Instructors use Poll Everywhere to take attendance, give quizzes in classes, find out how well the class has understood a lesson, and generally make learning more active and the students more involved

How do I use Poll Everywhere?

Students can either:
Download the Poll Everywhere app (opens in new window)
go to PollEverywhere.com(opens in new window). and Sign Up as a participant.

Make sure to sign up using your school-issued email address (@mail.csuchico.edu), if you have one. Using a personal email address may prevent you from receiving credit for your answers.

Registering Your Account with With Instructors 

There are a few ways you can register with your instructor(opens in new window). Registering with a professor ensures they can count you in attendance checks, and award you class participation credit.

Note: Your professor already registered you for Poll Everywhere participation through the University LMS. Students must use their student email to log in and use the password reset link to create a new password.

Some professors do not require registration and do not grade Poll Everywhere responses. Register in class: When your instructor presents a Poll Everywhere activity, you will go to the pollev.com link provided by the instructor or that is displayed below the question. Go to that link.

If your instructor requires registration, Poll Everywhere will automatically walk you through the steps to register before you respond to the question. You can register with as many professors as you need, using your original participant account. There is no need to create more than one Poll Everywhere account.

Tutorials for Polleverywhere: