Web Services

Site Search Moves to Google

Six months ago, Chico State implemented a new site search solution made available by the Chancellor's Office to the entire CSU system. After an extended trial period, campus stakeholders agreed that the quality of results being returned by this search provider was not up to the standard we've come to expect from search services. On February 27, to make site search a truly useful tool for those browsing www.csuchico.edu, Chico State will switch search providers to Google – same index, same algorithms, but focused entirely on Chico State's domain.

Feedback from those testing our Google search implementation was overwhelmingly positive. But, while this switch will greatly improve the usability of search, using Google's search index means we forgo some control - namely: crawl schedule. We can request Google crawl our domain, but can't control precisely when the crawl will happen. So, while csuchico.edu will be periodically re-indexed, those with content on the domain, including site maintainers for Cascade-controlled pages, should regularly check their pages for broken links.

If you come across any issues with the new search, please submit a support ticket.