Web Services

Campus Web Site-Maintainers Agreement

Upon completion of Cascade training, site owners and content maintainers are responsible for the content they post to the campus web. Below is the agreement to follow best practices on a CSU, Chico website.

As a Cascade user, I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that my website meets the following requirements:

University Related

  • Cascade is for official University sites—academic units, departments and offices, etc.—not for student clubs, course content, or teaching or personal faculty/staff sites.

Accessible to All Users

  • Use only accessible digital documents and properly captioned videos, write good alt text for images, properly nest headings, and follow other content accessibility best practices.
  • Remediate the content accessibility issues identified in the monthly reports from SiteImprove—or submit an accessibility service ticket for Web Services help.


  • Do not use your Cascade folders to store Level 1 data.
  • Do not publish personal data such as home addresses.
  • Check in with Web Services before embedding forms, feeds, or other code.
  • Limit the number of links to non-CSU, Chico sites, and check those links carefully.

Quality Content

  • Keep pages clean and organized, free of misspellings and broken links.
  • Write according to the standards in the University Style Guide.
  • Regularly update content based on audience needs as determined by analytics.
  • Create short and easily scannable pages.
  • Consider mobile users: cut text to the essentials, limit images and videos.
  • Use images that are correctly sized, visually interesting, well lit, and in focus.
  • Use only graphics that you have permissions for, and follow the University Photo Policy.  

Consistency in University Branding & User Experience

  • Use the University’s standard Campus Web 3.0 framework, consulting with Web Services about any changes to CSS or JavaScript.
  • Do not make changes to the University header, footer, or department subfooter.
  • Make links to pages outside your site open in a new tab.

Organized Cascade Folders

  • Keep folders and assets organized, and follow site naming conventions.
  • Delete or archive unused pages, documents, and assets.
  • Do not store new page drafts in Cascade—sites may be published at any time.

Please contact Web Services through the Website Design & Support service catalog or at webservices@csuchico.edu for any assistance with the above requirements.