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Enrollment Opens for Localization Certification Programs

Date: 12-18-2007

Joe Wills
Public Affairs
Joe Picard
Continuing Education

California State University, Chico, Center for Regional and Continuing Education, the Globalization and Localization Association and the Localization Institute announce early enrollment for the 2008 Localization Certification Program and Localization Project Management Certification.

These localization programs address the organizational practices and software tools designed to avoid costly problems such as poor language translations, culturally insensitive designs and cultural gaffes on Web sites that alienate customers.

The Localization Certification Program will be offered on the campus of EUROMED Marseille Ecole de Management, Marseille, France, March 31-April 2, and on the campus of Saint Louis University, at the Boeing Institute of International Business, St. Louis, USA, June 16-18.

The Localization Project Management Certification will be presented April 3-4 at EUROMED Marseille Ecole de Management and June 19-20 at Saint Louis University.

Now in its third year, the Localization Certification Program was developed by industry experts, representing the leading professional associations, publishers and academic institutions in the field, in response to the growing demand for localization professionals. More than 150 professionals have now received certification through the program.

“The localization industry continues to mature, as more and more businesses and organizations are learning the positive value of ‘localizing’ their products and services with properly translated messages and culturally sensitive Web sites,” said Professor Nitish Singh, Saint Louis University. “The industry has now topped more than $8.8 billion in translation and localization services, and our current research demonstrates that there is more room for growth and improvement in this emerging market.” The localization certification program includes 45 hours of online course work on topics such as global Web site development, cultural adaptation of user interfaces, software internationalization and multilingual content management for global enterprises.

After completing the online instruction, participants will attend a three-day intensive workshop where modules on strategies and processes for today’s industry will be presented. The workshop will be followed by a certification exam.

Faculty and experts from the industry will present the latest approaches, tools, and applications and workshop participants will benefit from a substantial number of hours of hands-on software training in the emerging localization tools and technologies.

“Our presenters represent some of the major leaders in localization,” said Boris Bartikowski, associate professor of marketing, EUROMED Marseille Ecole de Management. “Last year we hosted experts from Lionbridge, Oracle, SDL Trados, Idiom Technologies, Microsoft, Cisco and HP, just to name a few. We will also highlight leading businesses who emulate best-practices and working professionals who serve the industry with advanced applications and approaches to localization.”

New this year is the offering of the Localization Project Management Certification in Europe. This advanced training in project management will provide more in-depth professional development for participants.
Individuals who successfully complete the Localization Certification Program will be eligible for American Translators Association continuing education credits.

Translators, product marketing managers, Web project managers, business development executives, Web developers and designers, Web application developers, global entrepreneurs, localization professionals, international trade representatives, educators and students in the field are encourage to take advantage of these certification programs.

The program receives additional support through “MultiLingual Computing,” a respected publication and news resource in the localization trade.

For more information on the Localization Certification Program and the Localization Project Management Certification please visit the web site or call the California State University, Chico Continuing Education office at 1-530-898-6105.