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Construction Management Professor Will Be Honored at Dedication of Red Bluff Underpass

Date: 08-22-2007

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs

The underpass segment of Red Bluff’s River Park Trail project will be dedicated to Richard G. Holman, Department of Construction Management, California State University, Chico for his contributions to the project. Red Bluff Trails United (RBTU) will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Red Bluff on Thursday, Aug. 30 at 4 p.m. at the entrance to the trail underpass behind the Chamber of Commerce at River Park.

RBTU is a community-based organization working toward building trails in Red Bluff that will be part of a countywide system. The underpass is one segment of the project. Venita Philbrick, who served on the RBTU committee during the planning and construction of the trail, said, “It would not have happened without Rich Holman.”

Holman has been involved with RBTU since 1997. As a consultant, he assisted in the development of the Tehama County Bikeways Plan, which was a requirement for funding from the Caltrans Bicycle Transportation Account. He worked for three years with the U.S. Forest Service and Rails to Trails Conservancy to develop the bikeways plan and a funding strategy.

As part of his research, Holman noted that there were an inordinate number of bicycle accidents on Main Street in Red Bluff. “With River Park and the swimming pool on the east side of Main Street and the majority of Red Bluff’s population on the west side of Main Street, the underpass was a priority,” said Holman. “Children can safely bicycle to River Park now without needing to cross Main Street.”

Venita Philbrick, who served on the RBTU committee during the planning and construction of the trail said, “It would not have happened without Rich.”

The city received $392,400 in 2004 from Caltrans for the project. Due to increase in asphalt and fuel prices, the project could not be built in its entirety. The underpass was made the top priority because of the bicycle accident statistics. The city continues to receive funding from Caltrans, and the trail system continues to grow.

For more information on the Red Bluff trails project, call 530-527-8177 or visit their website.