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2010 Local Government Leadership Development Program Prepares Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Date: 01-28-2010

Joe Wills
Public Affairs
Melissa McGowan
Center for Regional and Continuing Education

The Northern California Local Government Leadership Institute is accepting enrollments for the 2010 Leadership Development Program, a newly-updated, five-course series designed to help local government employees cultivate leadership skills and become more effective and proactive leaders and managers.

The Leadership Development Program, now in its sixth year, has served more than 250 local government leaders throughout California. The series provides strategies and solutions for department managers, administrative staff, supervisors, elected officials and any other local government, tribal or special district employee with an interest in developing more effective leadership skills.

Martin Nichols, city manager for the City of Red Bluff and advisory board member for the Northern California Local Government Leadership Institute, has sent all of the city’s department heads and most of the city’s middle managers through the program. “I have found it to be a great value for establishing a common understanding of contemporary leadership and management practices upon which to base our team-building efforts. Three graduates of the program have become Red Bluff department heads.”

The first course, Redefining Organizational Leadership, begins the series with an exploration of the core elements of exceptional leadership and how to effectively apply them in a local government environment. Participants will learn how to coach, motivate and stimulate the development of leadership skills to prepare employees to assume leadership roles in the complex local government environment. Subsequent courses will provide strategies in the areas of media relations, vision development and articulation, relationship building and strategic partnerships, and strategic thinking and policy development.

The five-course 2010 Leadership Development Program starts March 26 on the CSU, Chico campus. Early and group discounts are available.

For course descriptions and enrollment information, contact the CSU, Chico Continuing Education office at 530-898-6105 or visit the Northern California Local Government Leadership Institute Web site at http://rce.csuchico.edu/leader.