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Special Luncheon Pays Tribute to Outstanding Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Date: 04-13-2010

Joe Wills
Public Affairs

In tribute to their tremendous contributions to the University and community, former faculty members at California State University, Chico will be honored at a special luncheon Thursday, May 13, at 11 a.m.

The event will be at Manzanita Place, 1705 Manzanita Ave., in Chico. Tickets are $20 and can be obtained by calling Kathy Fiscus in the Provost’s Office at 898-6101.

The University’s Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association (ERFA) is hosting the luncheon. CSU, Chico President Paul Zingg will be among the speakers at the event to pay tribute to the honorees.

Seven emeriti faculty will be honored as the first members of a legacy faculty Hall of Honor. They are Dr. Wes Dempsey, Dr. Allan Forbes, Mr. W. H. Hutchinson (deceased), Dr. Paul Kinney, Dr. David Lantis (deceased), Dr. Betty Lou Raker (deceased) and Dr. Valene Smith.

The selection of the Hall of Honor inductees was made by an awards committee chaired by retired Regional and Continuing Education Dean Ralph Meuter.

“These faculty members are the best of the best,” said Fred Brooks, professor emeritus of the Recreation and Parks Management Department and chair of ERFA. “These seven inaugural inductees into the Hall of Honor have made an enormous difference in the quality of life at Chico State and throughout the region. They have developed countless new programs, received untold awards and recognitions, and prepared thousands of students for their professional careers.”

Dempsey was a professor of agriculture and biology for 38 years and received the first Distinguished Emeriti award from the College of Natural Sciences in 2008. Forbes established the speech pathology program and was a professor and administrator at CSU, Chico under seven presidents. Hutchinson was a history professor for 25 years and highly regarded historian and honored teacher. Kinney organized the College of Business and developed the first campus bachelor of science and master’s degrees in business administration. Lantis was a 34-year faculty member who founded the Northern California Geographic Society and the Los Angeles Geographic Society. Raker was a multi-sport coach, chair of the Department of Physical Education, and a Student Affairs dean and vice president. Smith was a pioneer in the field of anthropology and cultural heritage tourism and is a major supporter of the University’s anthropology museum, which is now named in her honor.

In addition, 31 retired and emeritus faculty members will receive recognition awards for their esteemed service to the University, the region and their profession. Their names are listed below:

Dates at
Recipient Department CSU, Chico

Ms. Lakshmi Ariaratnam Library 1981-2000
Dr. Fred A. Brooks Recreation and Parks Administration 1976-2000
Dr. Hugh Campbell History 1967-1998
Dr. Lois Christensen Humanities and Fine Arts 1957-1985
Dr. Robert Ediger Biological Sciences 1967-1999
Dr. Lynn H. Elliot English 1972-2006
Dr. Kenneth Edson Academic Affairs/Admissions 1967-1997
Dr. Frank T. Ficarra Philosophy 1972-2006
Dr Eugenio Frongia Foreign Languages 1958-1996
Dr. James E. Gregg Political Science 1959-1994
Dr. Ralph C. Hilzer Computer Science 1985-2007
Dr. Ralph C. Huntsinger Computer Science/Mech. Engineering 1971-2003
Dr. George Johnson Accounting and Management Science 1969-1998
Ms. Barbara J. Kamman Health and Community Services 1968-2002
Dr. Judith Kerrins Education/Educational Administration 1991-2007
Dr. Carol Leedom Nursing 1979- 2009
Dr. Mark Levine Management 1978-2009
Dr. Robert Main Communication Design 1976-2001
Dr. David Mallory Music 1969-1996
Dr. Ralph Meuter Geography/Dean, Continuing Education 1970-2000
Dr. Connie O’Conner Recreation and Parks Administration 1968-1993
Dr. James Overholt Education 1970-2005
Dr. Carolynn Reynolds Education 1975-2009
Dr. Gwin Richter Nursing 1971-2001
Dr. Irving Schiffman Political Science 1970-2005
Dr. Gwen J. Sheldon Sociology/Social Science Program 1976-2009
Dr. William F. Shrum Communication Sciences and Disorders 1977-1992
Dr. Robert E. Thomas Biological Sciences 1996-2000
Dr. Richard Trimmer Physical Education 1968-2007
Mrs. Elizabeth Van Laan Lorenz Nursing 1964-1998
Mr. David Wilkinson Library 1987-1988