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CSU, Chico Mathematics Students Place First in Calculus Competition

Date: 04-16-2008

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Chris Pavone

Six students from the California State University, Chico Department of Mathematics competed in the 40th Annual Statewide Mathletics Competition, held at California State University, Monterey Bay April 12.

CSU, Chico team members Corey Zaro, Lindsay Cole, Chelsea Lindsay, Jonathan Roy, Chris Hasek and Samantha Wilson won first place in the college calculus team competition.

Mathematics major Corey Zaro took second place in the individual calculus competition, and mathematics major Lindsay Cole received an honorable mention in the same competition.

Math professors LaDawn Haws and Chris Pavone chose the student competitors. Pavone was the advisor to the group.

The Monterey County Office of Education and CSU, Monterey Bay sponsor the Mathletics Competition. Three hundred thirty-seven students from 5th grade through university calculus participated in the competition. CSU, Chico was one of seven universities that competed.

“For the students, obviously having something like this on their resume can be beneficial when applying to graduate school,” said Pavone. “However, the real benefit is the sense of accomplishment and the boost of confidence that all math students feel when they hear about our team’s success. Our students have seen that we can actually win one of these events, and I already have students in my calculus classes who are showing interest in next year’s competition.”

The CSU, Chico Department of Math has more than 200 mathematics majors and recently placed 30th in the extremely competitive national Putnam Competition. “Our department’s main goal is to promote student success in mathematics, and winning competitions is one sure way to do that,” said Pavone.