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Eagle Lake Field Station Continues To Offer Facilities for Research and Recreation

Date: 10-22-2009

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Jay Bogiatto
Biological Sciences

The Eagle Lake Field Station (ELFS) remains open for business, despite changes in management. The field station is owned by California State University, Chico Research Foundation and the University and was managed by the Research Foundation through August of this year.

Due to a variety of financial issues, the Research Foundation terminated their existing ELFS projects and entered a lease agreement with John and Tracey Crowe, who have served as ELFS staff for several years. The ELFS is still available to those wishing to schedule academic activities or enjoy recreational fishing.

The field station, sited on 80 acres on the middle eastern shore of Eagle Lake, lies at the juncture of four major geologic provinces. The lake is bordered on the west by the Cascade Range, on the south by the Sierra Nevada, on the east by the arid Great Basin Desert, and on the north by the Modoc Plateau. This geologic diversity provides for a unique set of ecological communities. In addition to the highly diverse geologic and ecological landscapes of the region, the lake supports one of California’s most well known native fish, the Eagle Lake rainbow trout. This endemic trout population provides a unique fishing opportunity to those wishing to engage in fishing activities at one of Northern California’s most pristine and aesthetically attractive lakes.

Throughout the years, the ELFS has received most of its use from ecology and anthropology faculty and students from CSU, Chico and UC Davis. Academic activities at the ELFS have ranged from field courses and research to workshops, professional meetings, student and faculty retreats, and conferences. The ELFS is currently taking reservations from academic users as well as fishing groups interested in John Crowe’s guide service.

Those wishing to schedule activities at the ELFS are encouraged to contact the Crowes at the ELFS by phone at 530-825-3578 or by e-mail at tracey@crowetravel.com.