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CSU, Chico Launches Zipcar Car Sharing Program

Date: 08-25-2009

Joe Wills
Public Affairs

Zipcar, the world’s largest car sharing service, and California State University, Chico announce the launch of Zipcar’s car-sharing program on the CSU, Chico campus.

CSU, Chico is the second CSU campus to partner with Zipcar – San Francisco State was the first – and the only location for Zipcar vehicles from San Francisco to Portland.

The program will help the University reduce demand for parking and support the University’s commitment to sustainability while offering campus and community members a convenient, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to owning a car.

Beginning this semester, five self-service Zipcars – three Honda Insights and two Scion XBs – will be available for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The cars are arriving on the CSU, Chico campus this week. The program will begin following the posting of special Zipcar signs in reserved spaces in parking lots on campus.

Zipcars are available to all faculty, staff and students and community members 18 years of age and over who are licensed drivers with good driving records. Gas, maintenance, insurance and reserved parking are included in hourly and daily rates.

Faculty, staff and students will be able to join Zipcar for $35 and can drive for as little as $8 per hour or $66 per day weekdays and $9 per hour or $72 per day on weekends. Students also get $35 in free driving credit as part of a launch promotion. Local residents ages 21 and older can join for $75 ($25 one-time application fee and $50 annual fee). All members 21 and over will have access to Zipcar’s network of more than 6,500 vehicles throughout the UK and North America.

“What’s great about this program is it offers the campus community the opportunity to learn the habit of using alternative transportation,” said Halli Bovia, CSU, Chico sustainability coordinator. “In particular, students can begin making choices that will shape their decision making for the rest of their lives.”

For students, Zipcar offers the freedom of car ownership without the associated cost and hassle of owning a car.

“Like buying music by the song, students can immediately see the benefit of paying for a car by the hour,” said Matt Malloy, vice president of Global University Operations at Zipcar. “They also love saving hundreds of dollars per month on car payments. Best of all, Zipcar provides insurance to students as young as 18.”

Zipcar is the world’s leading car-sharing service, with 325,000 members sharing 6,500 vehicles in urban areas and college campuses throughout 26 North American states and provinces as well as in London. It also is the nation’s leading campus car-sharing provider, with programs on more than 120 campuses across the country.


(Note: News release updated 9/9/09 with information that CSU, Chico is the second CSU campus to have Zipcar.)