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Staff Council Wraps Up Christmas Gifts for Needy Children

Date: 12-13-2010

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Dana Francis
Staff Council

Gifts were piled high on tables at the University Farm Pavilion last Wednesday, Dec. 8, and several bicycles leaned against tables. The Staff Council at California State University, Chico was literally wrapping up its seasonal University Needy Children Program (UNCP) with a reception for everyone involved.

Campus departments again showed their generosity with gifts for 161 children in 74 families. Many departments also included a parent or parents in their giving, although that choice was entirely optional.

The program has been a university-wide program carried out by the Staff Council since 1990. The program has grown from its original adoption of 19 families to its present size of serving 70 to 80 families each year. Social workers choose families they deem most in need and then pick up and deliver gifts to the families.

“The University’s Needy Children Program went very well again this year,” said Dana Francis, chair of the program. “I am so pleased that all these families and especially the children will have a wonderful holiday season. All families received a minimum of $50 to Food Max due to the success of the UNCP fundraiser held in November.”

Francis thanked individuals and groups, in addition to campus departments, that made the event a success. Retired employee Anne Russell brought in a stuffed animal for every child. Several people picked up gifts around campus, and Facilities Management and Services employees Paul Hawes and Stuart King transported the gifts to the farm.

“I am sure that Patty Darr (the founder of the program in the mid 80s, before it became a staff council activity) is looking down on our campus with joy!” said Francis.

The Staff Council at CSU, Chico promotes positive communication between university staff and the administration, faculty, students and community on issues of interest and concern. Its mission is to implement programs and projects that are designed to benefit the staff and the University.