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Visual Anthropology Class Will Screen Documentaries

Date: 05-08-2012

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Brian Brazeal
Department of Anthropology

Students in Professor Brian Brazeal’s Visual Anthropology class, California State University, Chico, learned to produce documentary films on their own ethnographic research projects. Condensed versions of these films will be shown at this week’s anthropology forum on Thursday, May 10, 4-4:50 p.m., Ayres 120. The campus community and public are invited.

The films were made in the recently updated visual anthropology lab. With the help of a $286,646 grant, Brazeal renovated the old lab into the Advanced Laboratory for Visual Anthropology (ALVA) and purchased a cutting-edge Red Digital Still Motion Picture camera. The camera is capable of recording images that are as good as 35mm film, the same film that Hollywood movies are shot on. The students used ALVA and its cutting-edge equipment to produce their films.

The condensed version of films will include:

  • “Cradleboards and Native American Environmental Stewardship,” directed by Anna Rushton
  • “Community Supported Agriculture in Chico,” directed by Stacy Fisher
  • “Sustainability at the Sierra Nevada Brewery,” directed by Britt Johnsen
  • “The Humboldt Skatepark,” directed by Ian Giza
  • “Work Training for People with Developmental Disabilities,” directed by Andrew Reuther

“I think audiences will be impressed with the careful investigation of local issues and with the polish and professionalism of the films themselves,” said Brazeal. “These students completed the visual anthropology class and had the opportunity to execute projects using the professional digital cinema equipment housed in the Advanced Laboratory for Visual Anthropology.”