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The Brain and its Remarkable Role is Showcased at CSU, Chico’s Gateway Science Museum

Date: 01-17-2018

CONTACT: Sean Murphy
TEL: 530-898-6492
Adrienne McGraw
Gateway Science Museum
TEL: 530-898-4121

As advances continue to be made within the scientific world, nothing compares to the quintessential organic computer we access every day: our own brain. This complex organ is the topic for Gateway Science Museum’s newest exhibit, “Brain: The World Inside Your Head,” which will be on display from Jan. 20 through May 6 in the North Gallery and the James W. Cornyn Valley Gallery.

The brain is responsible for every thought, every motion and every response our bodies make, and makes life itself possible. And that makes it the ideal subject for the first new exhibit of 2018, said museum executive director Adrienne McGraw. This exhibit provides a unique experience for museum visitors, allowing them to explore the brain’s inner workings and to learn that the organ is responsible for everything we do through neurons and synapses, and electricity and chemistry.

“Visitors attending ‘Brain: The World Inside Your Head’ will explore how our minds work through some very clever interactives,” McGraw said. “These exhibits help us visualize how and why our miraculous brain works. All ages will learn from and enjoy this international blockbuster science exhibit.”

Museum visitors will also have the opportunity to look at a gallery of animal brains to compare the human brain with those of other animals in terms of size, speed and complexity. Additionally, the exhibit will provide a look back at how humans have learned about the brain, as well as the future of medical and technological exploration of the brain.

“Brain” is sponsored locally by the Virginia L. Jones Foundation and Northstate Neurosurgical Associates. The museum is located at 625 Esplanade. Admission is $7 for adults, $5 for children and students, and free for museum members. It’s open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. For more information, call 530-898-5130 or visit www.csuchico.edu/gateway.


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