Academy e-Learning

Mission Statement

The mission of Academy e-Learning (AeL) is to create a partnership between AeL faculty teams and academic technology staff that builds a university community, one that is continually redefining excellence in teaching and learning through innovative approaches to student-engaged learning. AeL is committed to academic transformation through the effective use of instructional and information technologies, and of interactive pedagogies.  AeL benefits students by ensuring that quality of learning and engagement are priorities in design and implementation considerations.

Academy e-Learning (AeL) is an institutional program that, over a one-year period, supports and encourages faculty teams to redesign large enrollment or multi-section courses for the purposes of discovering new models of engaging students, improving student learning outcomes, and possibly finding cost- or time-saving methods in offering the course in a different format from how it was traditionally taught.

With an investment of both time and money, selected faculty teams engage with the Provost, their college deans, and department chairs, to consider new models for redesigning larger courses. These teams of faculty are joined by an assessment coordinator, librarians, and instructional designers during a three-week intensive workshop. They subsequently meet throughout the year to discuss ideas, progress, and lessons learned while making the transformative changes.


2014-2015 AeL application now available

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