Academy e-Learning Mission

Academy e‐Learning promotes excellence in learning and teaching by providing faculty with intensive, collaborative, and innovative course (re)design institutes. Cross disciplinary Academy e-Learning cohorts explore effective pedagogies, instructional technologies, and learning spaces in order to (re)design selected courses in ways that will improve student learning and engagement. Academy e-Learning institutes provide faculty with the resources they need to teach engaging and intellectually challenging courses and build a community that is continually redefining excellence in teaching through innovative approaches to student‐engaged learning.

Summer 2016 - Cohort 8

Application Deadline February 12, 2016

The Offices of the Provost and Faculty Affairs, in collaboration with the Council of Academic Deans, the Technology and Learning Program, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, and the Meriam Library invite faculty to participate in the Academy e-Learning (AeL), launching with the June 2016 three-week institute, Curiosity. Focused on rekindling student and faculty curiosity and passion for teaching and learning, participants will develop relevant and engaging learning experiences that help realize course-specific goals, with an emphasis on leveraging curiosity for teaching and assessment, and on student knowledge-creation and expression through relevant activities. Compensation for participating in AeL Cohort 8 is $3,500. For details about this Call, please click here. The deadline for Cohort 8 applications is February 12, 2016.

Cohort 8 Call for Participation

“The academy is not paradise. But learning is a place where paradise can be created.” ~ bell hooks    

“…the mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting…” ~ Plutarch


The Offices of the Provost and Faculty Affairs, in collaboration with the Council of Academic Deans, the Technology and Learning Program, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, and the Meriam Library invite you to participate in  Academy e-Learning Cohort 8, launching with this summer’s three-week institute. The CSU Chico community values curiosity as a key to unlocking student motivation. The only way to prepare students for the unimaginable changes they will face is to engage them and ourselves with diverse approaches to teaching and learning informed by different perspectives and experiences. In this way the University’s commitments to diversity and higher level thinking are intimately connected.   

For AeL Cohort 8, our work will center on (re)designing courses that rekindle our own curiosity, joy, and passion for teaching while developing diverse, relevant, engaging learning opportunities and experiences that help students:  

  • Spark divergent thinking and risk-taking to ignite new ideas and innovative approaches;

  • Develop skills and abilities to adapt to problems and opportunities that have not yet been imagined;

  • Burn through creative blocks, such as writer's block, that stifle exploration, discovery, and expression; and

  • Embrace imagination and difference to foster a creative spirit and lifelong love of learning.

  • We will explore instructional strategies and technologies that help us realize our goals, with an emphasis on creative approaches to teaching and assessment, and on student knowledge-creation and expression through storytelling, game making, meaningful play, collaborative media work, experiential learning, model building, design thinking, applied imagination, and invention.

Compensation of $3,500 in three installments will be provided by the Office of Faculty Affairs through your Dean’s office. Laptops and mobile devices are required during Academy e-Learning; you may choose to purchase equipment with the first $1,500 installment disbursed in May 2016. Following the summer institute, you will continue to work on your (re)designed courses through a series of activities during the following academic year. See the Timeline and Implementation section below for details.

Project Teams and Eligibility

You may apply individually or as part of a team (re)designing a single course or related courses. A collaborative structure provides for rich exchange throughout the academy experience, so even if you apply individually you will work in a group for much of the institute. Faculty will have support from AeL facilitators, previous AeL participants, instructional technology consultants (ITCs), department librarians, an assessment coordinator, and other campus experts. Adjunct and tenure/tenure track faculty are encouraged to apply; cross-disciplinary teams are welcome.

1)  Application & Selection Process

  •  The application form can be found here and shall be submitted electronically. This application must be submitted by 5:00 PM on February 12, 2016.
  • Applications must also include the endorsement of department chairs and deans.  You may forward or print out the application for their review.  Please print out the signature page at the end of the application, secure approvals, and deliver that page to the Office of Faculty Affairs in Kendall 104 by 5 PM on Friday February 12, 2016. The rest of the application need not be attached.
  •  Selection of faculty teams and notification will be made in the week of March 9, 2015. Accepted participants must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and complete a pre-academy survey by Friday, March 25, 2016.

2)  Preparation    

By early May 2016, Cohort 8 teams will meet with AeL program leaders to discuss course revision and assessment goals and strategies in preparation for the three-week intensive workshop in June. As a result, participants will have a much better idea of what information, materials, and resources they will need to have available during the three-week intensive to facilitate their course redesign activities.

3)  Payment   

Of the $3,500 compensation, the initial individual payment of $1,500 will be paid in May. The initial payment includes money for purchase of an approved mobile device such as an iPad or tablet if the participant does not already have one. The second payment will be made when the transformed course is officially launched in January of the following year. The remaining payment will be made upon reporting course redesign results and assessment at the CELT Conference (including submission of written report).

4)  Timeline and Implementation

 5)  Evaluation

Teams will submit a written report describing the goals and evaluating the outcomes of the project, along with a copy of their (re)designed course syllabus and other pertinent materials by October 15, 2017. (A template for the written report will be provided.)

The course (re)design may be evaluated using tools such as the CSU Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT, evaluation tool, combined with student outcomes and the evaluation facilitator’s suggestions.                                                                                                        

Evaluation of AeL-supported course redesign can be tailored to support department assessment needs. Evaluation results and analysis may serve as evidence regarding teaching effectiveness.


2016 AeL application now available

Click here to get the application.