Mission Statement

The mission of the Chico State Center for Entrepreneurship is to provide support for students and recent alumni to build their own businesses. The Center’s primary focus is external, meaning we want to help students take their ventures off-campus. We aim to do this by supporting the academic aims of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business program.

There are three core elements to the Center for Entrepreneurship’s program to help students develop their own business:

  1. Education — aims to leverage the ever expanding Entrepreneurship and Small Business curriculum:         
    1. Support — remove any barriers to success by leveraging support from within the university or the community.
    2. Guidance — provide counsel, mentoring and internships where appropriate.
    3. Opportunity — offer access to business plan contests and funding.
  2. Venture creation — which seeks to take students through four stages of business development:
    1. Conceptualization—via a variety of venues and processes, including our bi-annual Business Concept Contest; Chico JumpStart; Entrepreneurship Boot Camp and others.
    2. Acceleration—via a variety of “helping hands’ including contact with the Center leadership; the CfE Board of Mentors; successful CSUC alumni and of course, CSUC faculty.
    3. Refinement—via a business plan development/completion process. 
    4. Capitalization—where qualified students will present for funding to the CoB’s Due Diligence Advisory Board, which make investment recommendations to the Dean.
  3. Communication— lies at the heart of the Center’s mission.
    1. Communicate with constituent groups about programs, contests and services.
    2. Link with outside parties, collaborators and sponsors.
    3. Carry out projects and initiatives.