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Getting to Graduation

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We are here to help you accomplish your goals and support you along the path toward earning your degree. Along the way, there are resources and tools that can assist in your success.

Mandatory Advising

Our intention is to meet with students early to establish that we are here to help and answer any questions.

All incoming first-time freshmen business students will be required to meet with an advisor in their first fall semester. In either a one-on-one appointment or a workshop, we will cover spring course planning, options within the business majors, involvement opportunities in the college, resources on campus, as well as helpful tools within your Student Center. More information will be emailed to your Wildcat email account in September.

All juniors will be required to meet with an advisor in the spring semester. We will go over course planning, option exploration, building your resume, and how to make sure you are on track to graduate. More information will be emailed to your Wildcat email in February.

Major Academic Plans (MAPs)

At CSU, Chico most majors have a plan for how to graduate in four years. These are meant to be a guide and may not be the exact order that you will take courses or what makes sense for you as a student. There are many factors that go into your specific degree timeframe, so we recommend you come in and see us for course planning every semester.

Business Administration- Accounting

Business Administration- Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Business Administration- Finance

Business Administration- Human Resources

Business Administration- Management

Business Administration- Marketing

Business Administration- Project Management

Business Information Systems- Management Information Systems

Business Information Systems- Operations and Supply Chain Management

Finding Your Option

Some students know exactly what they want to study and continue that path all the way to graduation. For others, deciding a major requires taking courses and trying things out. We often have students that know they want to pursue Business Administration or Business Information Systems, but are still unsure of the option within those majors. Here are three suggestions to start with to find which option is right for you.

1. Use the upper-division core courses as an opportunity to try out options. Most options have a survey course in the core to introduce you to that discipline. Additionally, read the course descriptions in each option to see if they sound interesting. Come in and see us in Business Student Advising for help with course planning to try out options.

2. Utilize the Career Center's website or visit their office on campus (SSC 270). They can help identify career paths, job postings, and how to market your option. The Career Center also offers assessments at low or no-cost to explore personality and interest preferences and how those might tie in to careers or majors. You can find information about career fairs, resume workshops, and a lot more to help in your major, option, and career research

3. Get involved in a student organization that you have an interest in or want to find out more about. Volunteer, take on a leadership role, network, try new things, and make friends.

Honors in the Major

Students can earn honors if you have a GPA of a 3.5 or higher both cumulatively and in the major. Additionally students must take two business honors courses designated with an H suffix. Currently BADM 499H, Honors Seminar in Business and BADM 495H, Seminar in Applied Strategic Decision Making (major capstone) are the two courses required. Options in human resource management, entrepreneurship and small business management, management and project management can use BADM 499H as one of their option course electives. Options in accounting, finance, marketing, operations management, and management information systems cannot use BADM 499H for specific requirements in your option. Contact Dr. Mike Rehg in the Management Department office, Tehama 305, or call 530-898-5663, for more information. See Business Student Advising for course planning strategies.

Applying for Graduation and Commencement

Students are expected to apply a year before their anticipated graduation date. Students who apply one year in advance of their anticipated graduation may be reviewed before their last semester starts. If you are missing an individual course or are short total units, this information is useful in planning out your last semester. Applying a year in advance is the best way to assure you will complete the degree on time, as well as avoid a late fee.

Review Academic Evalulations' website and FAQ page for more information on filing for graduation.

Commencement is held in the spring semester only. More information including dates and schedules can be found on Commencement's website. Note: participating in commencement does not automatically mean that you have graduated and will be receiving a diploma. You must file for graduation and complete all of the requirements for your degree to be awarded your diploma.