Account Creation and Course Access

This page documents several guidelines and procedures regarding DLT services, including:

Account Creation

User accounts in Blackboard are created and updated by Account Center (AC). Accounts are created or disabled automatically by Account Center, based on a user's active affiliation records, such as student status or employment status, as listed in PeopleSoft.

Account Center assigns the following information for each account:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Username
  • Student ID number
  • Primary Institution Role

The Email field will be set to either a user's WildcatMail address (* or their Exchange address (* Users who wish to receive email at a different address will need to set up email forwarding.

The Primary Institution Role will be set to one of the following: Student, Staff, or Faculty. This role controls which Home tab a user sees, but does not affect their access or privileges within courses; course roles are tracked separately for each individual course.

Does having an account give me access to courses?

Most of the content in Blackboard is kept in courses and organizations. You must have an account before you can gain access to those, but an account by itself does not grant any course/org access.

Do all students, faculty, and staff have Blackboard accounts?

All current/active students, faculty, and staff have Blackboard accounts. This includes employees of university auxiliaries.

Former students will have their Blackboard accounts disabled after 12 months. Former employees will have their Blackboard accounts disabled immediately.

What about other users, such as volunteers or consultants?

After appropriate paperwork is on file, registered volunteers and consultants can request access to Blackboard by opening a ticket at IT Support Services (ITSS).

Course Access

Course enrollments are primarily controlled through PeopleSoft. Enrollment changes in PeopleSoft will normally sync over to Blackboard within 1-2 hours, provided that certain conditions are met:

  • All enrollments are held until the user's Blackboard account exists
  • Faculty enrollments are held until HR finishes processing the user's I-9 paperwork
  • Changes to prior or future terms may not be processed automatically
What are prep areas?

As soon as their account is created, each instructor is given access to several "prep area" courses, which are essentially sandbox courses that will never receive any student enrollments. Prep areas can be useful to prepare content, experiment with Blackboard features, or share collaborative space with other instructors. To rename a prep area or request additional prep areas, please submit a service ticket in TeamDynamix.

When are terms loaded into Blackboard?

Several months before each term starts, Blackboard will begin loading courses and instructor enrollments; roughly ten days before the first day of classes, Blackboard will begin loading student enrollments. This gives instructors time to prepare course content before students arrive.

Blackboard will continue loading course and enrollment changes for each term until that term has ended.

How do instructors get access to courses?

Once HR populates an instructor's data in PeopleSoft, their department office can assign them to teach courses. Instructor enrollments will begin processing as soon as a term is loaded into Blackboard.

How do students get access to courses?

Students register for courses through the Student Center in PeopleSoft. Student enrollments will begin processing roughly ten days before the first day of classes.

Can instructors add other users to courses?

Instructors can grant special access to courses (see TLP Guide: Adding New Users To Your Course).