Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Systems Group (ESYS) designs and maintains the computing environment for campus wide systems. The computing environment includes servers that support campus resources such as the centralized directory service, faculty e-mail, My Web and faculty web services, the Wildcat Portal, Bay file services, Oak print services, campus voice mail, the campus Common Management System and Web CT. ESYS has standardized on Red Hat Linux and Microsoft Windows for the server environment.

In addition to support for the enterprise computing environment, ESYS can also provide co-host services for non-Enterprise systems. Non-Enterprise systems include file and application servers maintained by departments, student organizations and campus affiliated foundations. The co-host services are offered in conjunction with the co-location services provided by Central Operations.

Contact Us

ESYS can be contacted Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.


ESYS staff has many relevant industry certifications related to the enterprise computing environment and often attend trainings to keep those certifications up to date.