Academic Integrity Council

TBD, Chair   (16)
Faculty from Grad. Coord Committee by Dean of Graduate
TBA (16)
TBA (16)
Students appt. by AS Pres & Uni. Affairs
A.S. President (15) Student 5701 750
A.S. Univ. Affrs. (15) Student 5701 750
10 students TBA A.S. (15) Student 5701 750
Director of Student Judicial Affairs (ex-officio)
Lisa Root SJA (Perm) S/A 6897 105
Provost Rep or designee (non-voting)
Bob Knight Dean (1 of 2)
Staff Council rep. (non-voting)
TBA Staff (1 of 2)

Membership: 19 voting, 2 non-voting (21) as indicated above.

When: Fall

Term: 2 year staggered

Duties: Act as a recommending body to forward issues and concerns to the appropriate bodies; assist in the development and implementation of an online system for faculty to report cases of cheating and plagiarism; assist in the development of promotional programs and presentations to be given about the University's Academic Integrity policies and principles; coordinate CELT presentation(s) on academic integrity issues; provide written and verbal reports to both the EPPC and the AS Government Affairs Committee at the end of each academic year; seek and maintain funding to support AI through grants. EM 04-36