Academic Integrity Council

Bradley Martin HFA (18)
Kurtis Kredo ECC (18)
Helen Karpilovsky NS (18)
Rebecca Ormond, Chair CME (18)
Faculty from Grad. Coord Committee by Dean of Graduate
Chris Ivey GRAD (19)
David Stachura GRAD (19)
Students appt. by AS Pres & Uni. Affairs
A.S. Director of  University Affairs A.S. (18)
A.S. President (or designee) A.S. (18)
A.S. Comm./Multicultural Affairs (or designee) A.S. (18)
9 students TBA A.S.
Director of Student Judicial Affairs (ex-officio)
Robert Morton (delegate) SJA (Perm)
Provost Rep or designee
Bob Knight Dean
Staff Council rep.
TBD Staff

Membership: 12 students, 7 faculty, 2 staff (as listed above)

When: Fall

Term: 2 year staggered

Duties: Act as a recommending body to forward issues and concerns to the appropriate bodies; assist in the development and implementation of an online system for faculty to report cases of cheating and plagiarism; assist in the development of promotional programs and presentations to be given about the University's Academic Integrity policies and principles; coordinate CELT presentation(s) on academic integrity issues; provide written and verbal reports to both the EPPC and the AS Government Affairs Committee at the end of each academic year; seek and maintain funding to support AI through grants. EM 04-36