Commencement Policy Committee

Cynthia Daley Agriculture (16) AG 6280 310
Matthew Thomas Political Science (16) BSS 5738 455
Bonnie Persons Management (16) BUS 4735 31
Morgan Geddie RECR (16) CME 4556 560
Greg Kallio MMEM (16) ECC 4959 789
Kim Jaxon English (16) HFA 6468 830
Joan Giampaoli NFSC (16) NS 6410 002
(16) Graduate Council

Appointed: One faculty representative from each of the colleges chosen by the Dean of the College (AG, BSS, BUS, CME, ECC, HFA, NS, Graduate Council).

When: Spring

Term: One Year

Duties: Plans and conducts the commencement exercises in accordance with the Policy on Commencement Exercises (EM 14-015).
Each fall the Chair will report to EPPC on those working procedures and any changes.

EM 14-015