Student Evaluation of Teaching Committee

Jude Bayham Agriculture (17) AGR
Kathleen Cox School of Social Wk (17) BSS
Nicholas Lynch Accounting
Matthew Stone RECR (17) CME
TBA (17) ECC
Mallory Prucha Music & Theater (19) HFA
Edward Roualdes Math & Statistics
AS President AS
AS Government AS
AS Special Coord. AS
Permanent Members
Ben Juliano Institutional Research
Jennifer Wilking, Chair FASP Chair
TBD AS Senate Chair
Sarah Blakeslee Assoc VP, Faculty Affairs
Tim Sistrunk CFA Rep
Diane Ramalia Staff Council Rep
Bill Loker Dean Rep

Appointed: Each college designates one faculty member for a two year term.

When: Spring

Term: Two year (staggered)
(See FPPP 4.0 and 8.0)

EM #15-010