1st EPPC November Minutes

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M   E   M   O   R   A   N   D   U   M

TO:       Educational Policies and Programs Committee

FROM:   Paula M. Selvester, Chair                          

DATE:    Nov. 5, 2012                                                                                      

SUBJ:    EPPC-Minutes November 8, K-207, 2:30 p.m.         

1. Approve minutes of Nov. 1 meeting.
Minutes approved  

2.     Approve today’s agenda November 8, 2012|
Agenda approved

3.    Proposed Revisions to EM 10-01 (Kate McCarthy, CAB) Action Item 
Summary from overview of agenda document, added for clarification:  The Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB)  committed to the integrity of writing instruction in the new General Education program as set forth in EM 10-01 has found that there are  very serious challenges to the feasibility of offering enough Writing Intensive (WI) courses at a cap of 20 students each to satisfy the demand of four WIs per student.  For that reason, they proposed a revision to EM 10-01 as it pertains to writing instruction.  Briefly, the revisions proposed were the following:

  • Raising the enrollment cap in WI courses from 20 to 30 with compensating support for writing instruction (p. 6)
  • Providing an opportunity for departments to apply to have non-GE courses in which comparable writing instruction occurs serve as a substitution for a GE Writing Intensive requirement (p.7)

 In addition they also recommended removing the obsolete reference to course links in the discussion of American Institutions courses (p.3)  A discussion ensued concerning about required support in the document. How do we support the support? Who will determine?  CAB position was that proper training, proper support for this work is required because it is more intensive. It is important to CAB that these be linked.

A discussion ensued about the prescriptive language concerning required support with the concern that language such as “will” was too strong and would weaken support.

An amendment to revise the language was moved and seconded to add to last sentence on page six  revise to “areas of support that will be needed that include but are not limited  to”

A rationale was provided and a discussion ensued.

A member who was proxy for another brought that member’s concerns forward that the WI for GE should be fewer courses, as few as two because there was no rationale for why a native CSUC student should have more WI courses than the transfer students. Another member also made this point.

The amendment to the revision of EM 10-01 didn't pass.  Proposed revisions to EM 10-01 passed at action and will go forward to the Senate's next meeting.

4.    Proposal to Transfer Interdisciplinary Gerontoloicgy Minor and Certificate from Department of Health and Community Services to School of Social Work (Seema Sehrawat, School of Social Work) Action Item.
Summary from overview of agenda document:
The ownership of the Interdisciplinary Gerontology Minor and Certificate is proposed to be transferred to the School of Social Work
Motion carried as an action item to Academic Senate 

5.    Discontinu of the BA of Music Industry and Technology (Keith Seppanen, Music and Theater Department Action Item
Summary from overview of agenda document:
When the National Association of Schools of Music (an accrediting agency) required the department of music and theater to add more courses to meet their standards in order to confer a BA in Music Industry & Technology, the department decided to propose a discontinue of the BA in Music Industry and Technology (and move the Option in Recording Arts and the Option in Music Industry to the BA in Music)
Motion carried as an action item to Academic Senate

6.    Significant Change:  BA in Music (Keith Seppanen, Music and Theater Department) Action Item
Summary from overview of agenda document:
So, now, courses in this option are being proposed to be offered in the BA in Art.
Motion carried as an action item to Academic Senate.

7.  Discontinue of the BFA Option in Electronic Arts (Tom Patton, Art and Art History Department) Action item
Summary from overview of agenda document:
In order to reduce units for degree programs, the BFA option in Electronic arts is being proposed to be discontinued (and for some of the courses to move to the BFA in Art-Option in Studio-see next item)
Motion carried as an action item to Academic Senate.

8.    Significant Change to the BFA in Art - Option in Studio (Tom Patton, Art and Art History Department) Action Item
Summary from overview of agenda document:
So, the courses that were discontinued in the BFA in Electronic Art are being proposed to move to the BFA in Art - Option in Studio
Motion carried as an action item to Academic Senate.

9.    Proposed New Minor: Adaptive Physical Activity (Rebecca Lytle, Department of Kinesiology) Action Item
Summary from overview of agenda document:
Currently students studying adapted physical activity who are not completing a credential are enrolled in the Movement Studies option with a Pattern in Adapted Physicial Activity. Part of the strategic plan is to eventually discontinue patterns; therefore creation of a minor in Adapted Physical Actiiity is in line with the vision of the university.  The minor will be apparent on student transcripts which will benefit pre-physical therapy, pre-occupational therapy, and exercise physiologist students as they apply for graduate programs.  This minor will also allow for students from a variety of disciplines to benefit from training related to disability studies.  Students from child development, communication disorders, psychology, social work, nursing and other disciplines may wish to complete the minor to expand their skills as they prepare for careers working with individuals with disabilities.
Motion carried as an action item to Academic Senate.

10.    Other
A subcommittee is being formed with the task to investigate how special prefixes get generated, who "owns" the curriculum, who is responsible for overseeing curriculum, staffing courses when more than one department involved, interdisciplinary.

11.    Adjournment.

Respectfully submitted,
Maria Suddurth.