2nd FASP October Minutes

Faculty and Student Policies Committee
October 18, 2012
2:30 p.m., Kendall 209


-Senators: Clower, Kotar, Mace, McCabe, Meadows, Postma, Rehg, Renner, Rowberg, Schaderman, Sistrunk, Smith, Traver
-Faculty Non-Senators
: Deleon, Shkoda
-Other members
: Blakeslee, Bordin (Asst. VP for Faculty Affairs), Root (Student Judicial Affairs), Berglund-Smith (Miller Proxy for FA12)-Guest: Jason Conway, CFA

Absent: Gundlach, Renner, McAllister (AS Director of Legislative Affairs), and Faculty Non-Senator Collins (out for semester--proxy TBA), Virdee (AS President), Kirchoff.

1.     Approval of October 4, 2012 minutes as amended

2.     Agenda approved

3.     Announcements: None.

4.     Sub-committee Reports

a.     Sub-committee on Updating Nondiscrimination Policy Regarding Individuals with Disabilities (Kotar and Smith, Root). Sub-committee is making progress.  Input from ARC Accessible Technology Report in November.

b.     Life Cycle of Department RTP Documents: (Blakeslee, Meadows, Mace, Postma) Mike Rehg, FASP Chair, sent survey to Department chairs, 10 collected at this time.  It was suggested that a 2nd request be sent.  Previously, Department RTP committee chairs have been contacted.

c.      Course Prefix joint FASP-EPPC subcommittee (Rowberg, Sistrunk).  Committee is still working and is making progress.  Report will be made in the near future.

5.     Revision of FPPP 8.4 on lecturer range elevation (Action):  Borden and McCabe presented draft document to committee.  Document was reviewed and amendments were suggested.  Amendments were made to sections 8.4.b.4 and 8.4.b.4 (2) (see attachment).  Motion to approve final document (Meadows), seconded (Kotar). Final document was approved by unanimous voice vote by committee to be forwarded to the Senate for introduction and action.

6.     Items for Discussion

a.     FPPP and CBA alignment. Given the new contract, do we need to form a committee to evaluate impacts to the FPPP?

A signup sheet was circulated for volunteers to work on the alignment.  Article 35 is the most pressing.  Separate subcommittees suggested for (1) Article 12, (2) Article 15, (3) Articles 16, 21, 27, and (4) Article 35.  Volunteers were:


(1) Article 12: McCabe, Traver

(2) Article 15: Sistrunk, Smith, Blakeslee

(3) Articles 16, 21, 27: Rowberg, Clower, Meadows

                 (4) Article 35: Kotar, Schademan, DeLeon

7.     Other: No items

8.     Adjourn: Meeting adjourned approximately 4:35pm

 Respectfully submitted by VP of FASP: Senator Patrick Mace