1st FASP November Minutes

Academic Senate
(530) 898-6201, Zip 020

Faculty and Student Policies Committee

November 1, 2012

2:30 p.m., Kendall 209

Present: Senators:
-Gundlach, Kotar, Mace, Meadows, Postma, Rehg, Rowberg, Sistrunk, Traver
-Faculty Non-Senators
: Deleon, Shkoda
-Other members
: Blakeslee, Berglund-Smith (Miller Proxy for FA12), Kirchhoff, Root, McAllister

 Absent: Clower, Schademan, and Faculty Non-Senator Collins (conflict with meeting time for semester--proxy TBA),
McCabe, Renner, Smith, Bordin, Virdee (AS President)

1.  Approve minutes of previous meeting—Approved.
2.  Approve today’s agenda—Approved.
3.  Announcements--None
4.  Sub-committee Progress Reports--Chair Rehg introduced topic with chart showing different subcommittees and the state of each issue in the "Senate Process"
A.  Sub-committee on Updating Nondiscrimination Policy Regarding Individuals with Disabilities. (Kotar, Smith and Root).--Making progress and future report upcoming.
B.  Life Cycle of Department RTP Documents. (Blakeslee, Meadows, Mace, Postma)  --Dept.’s indicated, in general, that they wanted edits to the FPPP to address topic and future report is coming from committee. 
C.  Course Prefix joint FASP-EPPC subcommittee (Rowberg, Sistrunk).--Making progress and upcoming report/status at next meeting.
D.  Subcommittees on FPPP and CBA alignment: Article 12, Article 15, Article 35, and Articles 16, 21, & 27. --4 different subcommittees as shown on Rehg's chart for each article.

*article 12--making progress--future report/status upcoming
*article 15--have developed draft changes in wording in FPPP to address issue.  Language was further refined and will be further discussed at next meeting.
*article 35--making progress--future report/status upcoming
*article 16, 21, 27 (one committee)—making progress and future report upcominItems for DiscussionItems for Discussion

  1. 5.  Items for Discussion
    a. Wording of upcoming proposed change to 8.4 Lecturer Range Elevation from senate floor led to open discussion regarding how best to approach this topic.  Report on discussion with others reflects that, at this point in time, this language is the best wording for the change to the FPPP.  Some edits were discussed to improve the wording.  This discussion led to further discussion of improvements to finalize the language in its best format.  Vote was taken with unanimous support; thus, this item will now come from FASP as an amendment as an action item to be brought to Senate.

    6. Other--none
    7. Adjourn—Approximately 4:00