2nd FASP November Agenda

Academic Senate
(530) 898-6201, Zip 020

TO:                  Faculty and Student Policies Committee

FROM:             Michael Kotar, Chair

DATE:              November 15, 2011

SUBJECT:        FASPC AGENDA – November 17, 2011, 2:30 p.m., Kendall 209


1.  Approve minutes of November 10, 2011 meeting.

2.  Approve today’s agenda

3.  Announcements

4.  SET Committee request to approve SIR II as the standard University SET instrument (questionnaire).

5.  Proposed revision of EM 11-045 Campus Fee Advisory Committee (Action).

6.  Proposed rescission of EM 95-023 Policy on Performance Salary Step Increases (Action). Item 6 and item 7 were campus policy and procedure Ems to implement specific forms of merit pay for faculty under previous collective bargaining agreements.

7.  Proposed rescission of EM 00-099 Policy on Faculty Merit Increases (Action).

8.  Plan for reviewing Executive Memoranda related to FASP functions.

9.  Subcommittee Reports

10. Other: Continue discussion on FPPP 6.1.c.2.

11. Adjourn