To use the laser printers in any of the open access labs you need your WildcatCard, that is, your current student ID card. Black and white printing is available all the labs at a cost of $0.10 per page. Color printing is available in Meriam Library 116 at a cost of $0.27 per page. "Eco-smart" duplex printing is available in some of the labs for a reduced price per side.

To print from your laptop, please click on GoPrint Wireless Printing

How to print using your WildcatCard

  1. Add money to your card. See instructions below.
  2. Click on print in the application you are using.
  3. The GoPrint client should pop up. Sign in with your Portal username and password.
  4. Choose the job(s) you wish to print and click "Pay at Station" to send your jobs to the print station.
  5. Go to the print station.
  6. At the print station, select your Portal username.
  7. Select print job(s) and click Continue.
  8. Swipe your WildcatCard through the card reader.
  9. Click on Pay and Print.
  10. Pick up your print job from the printer.

How to add money to your card

Money can be added to your card using cash, check, or credit card:

  1. Cash can be added using cash value terminals or at specific locations on campus. Value terminals take $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills. Coins cannot be used to add money to your card via the value terminals. Add cash to your card at:
    • Meriam Library first floor value terminal– in the computer lab
    • Meriam Library second floor value terminal–outside the Copy Center
    • Chico State Wildcat Store cash registers
    • Chico State Wildcat Store customer service counter
  2. Checks are accepted at:
    • Chico State Wildcat Store customer service counter

Where can you print using your WildcatCard?

You can use your WildcatCard to pay for laser prints in the following computer labs:

  • Bell Memorial Union Basement (all students)
  • Meriam Library 116 (all students)
  • Meriam Library Reference (all students)
  • Meriam Library 450 (all students)
  • Tehama 131 (all students)
  • Glenn 206/306 (BUS students)
  • Butte 207/211 (BSS students)
  • Plumas 100 (BSS students)
  • Plumas 321 (AGR students)
  • Taylor 205 (HFA students)
  • Taylor 207 (FLNG students)
  • Holt 155 (MATH students)
  • Modoc 125 (CHLD students)
  • Modoc 224 (BSS students)

Where else can you use your WildcatDollars?

You can also use your card for:

    1. General Purchases
    2. Food
      • Union Express (at the Bookstore)
      • Common Grounds (basement of the BMU)
      • Creekside Coffee (behind Kendall Hall)
      • Marketplace Cafe (in the BMU)
      • Whitney Hall dining room
      • Butte Station
      • Holt Station
    3. Copying
      • Meriam Library, all floors
    4. University Events
      • Yuba Hall box office
    5. School Services
      • Student Financial Services Cashiering in Kendall Hall and the Library

    For more information about your WildcatCard: