Orientation & New Student Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Orientation required?
Summer Orientation is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended that you attend. An orientation session will supply important information about your upcoming college experience at CSU, Chico. The program will also help you understand academic requirements, student services, and will offer you the earliest possible access to registration for classes.
Can I bring a guest?
Parents and guests are welcome to attend orientation. Fees for parents and guests are the same as for students and are due at the time of your online registration. Parents have a separate program that runs concurrently with the student program. Please note that the program is not designed for younger siblings, children, or friends of students; please make other arrangements for these guests
I live out of state and/or cannot attend Summer Orientation – are there any alternatives?

It is strongly recommended that all the new students attend a full orientation session if possible.  These sessions provide comprehensive advising assistance to new students and the earliest possible access to class registration for Fall 2017.

Small group advising sessions are offered as an alternative to Summer Orientation. These Express-Orientation sessions are offered in July and will help assist you with understanding academic requirements. You will not register for classes at a Express-Orientation session, but will receive assistance in choosing classes. Express-Orientations are approximately two hours. We are currently working on the Express-Orientation dates for Fall 2017. Please check back soon for more information.

For those unable to attend either a full Orientation Session or a Express-Orientation, online orientation is available.
I am a transfer student waiting for my final grades, can I still attend?
Yes, but depending on your admission status, you may not be able to register for classes at orientation. If you have questions about your admission status, please call the Office of Admissions at (530) 898-6321.
I have special vision, mobility or communications needs, what can I do?
Students and/or guests with disabilities who anticipate needing special accommodations should email OrientationPrograms@csuchico.edu at least 10 days in advance of their orientation date. For additional information on the services offered by Chico State’s Accessibility Resource Center.
What days are Summer Orientation sessions being offered?
Can I just show up any day I want?

No. Space is limited so we are unable to guarantee you a spot in orientation if you do not register online prior to the orientation session you want to attend. You should also be aware that not all majors are represented at all orientation sessions. You should register for your session online to insure that we can accommodate you and that you are attending the appropriate session for your selected major.

When is the last day to register?
Space in each orientation session is limited and sessions fill quickly so plan on registering as soon as possible. The final day to register for an open orientation date online will be 10 days prior to the session date.
After I have registered online for the Summer Orientation program, how soon can I expect a response?
You will receive confirmation via email to your Chico State student email account within 24 hours.  Please note:  All official university communication is done via email.  You will not receive a letter of confirmation. Please check your personal email address or your Chico State Portal Account.
Which orientation do I go to if I’m a double major?
We recommend that you choose whatever major you have more questions and/or concerns about or whichever major interests you most. Our staff is trained to help advise any major, so we can always assist with your questions. We also encourage you to make an appointment with your major advisors for both majors when you arrive here in the fall.
Which orientation do I attend if I haven’t yet chosen a major?
Those who have not declared a major (undeclared) can attend any Summer Orientation session designated for their entering status (freshman or transfer student.)
How do I switch orientation dates?

You can change the date online up to 10 days before the orientation you are hoping to attend as long as the original date you are signed up for has not passed.

If your original date has passed, you will be charged a rescheduling fee of $20 to attend another session.

If you reschedule no later than 10 days prior to your scheduled session, no additional fees will be incurred.

If you have any further questions, contact our Orientation Office Coordinator at (530) 898-5714 or email OrientationPrograms@csuchico.edu.

Please have your student ID or confirmation number when you call.
What does my summer orientation fee cover?

Summer Orientation fees cover:

    1. Room reservations
    2. Printing materials
    3. Staff training
    4. Faculty advising
    5. Morning coffee and juice
    6. Lunch
    7. A guided tour of the campus
    8. An explanation of university policies and procedures
    9. A breakdown of general education and graduation requirements
    10. Assistance with registration for classes
Your fees do not include travel or accommodations, so these will need to be made on an individual basis.
If I cancel, can I get a refund?

Yes, if you cancel 10 business days prior to your orientation session. If you cancel your Orientation less than 10 business days before the reserved session, a $20 cancellation fee will apply. Please call our Orientation Office Coordinator at (530)898-5714 or email OrientationPrograms@csuchico.edu.

Please do not include any credit card information in your email.
Will I be able to register for classes if I come to an orientation?
Yes. If you attend a Summer Orientation session you will leave at the end of the day knowing what classes you will be in for the fall semester. Please note that students must be eligible to register at the time of their session in terms of meeting admissions and test requirements. You must be officially admitted to CSU, Chico, and must have EPT/ELM test scores or exemptions on file. Also, if you have been notified by the Office of Admissions that you require Early Start remediation in Math and/or English, you must take the steps outlined to identify your Early Start program plan before you can register for classes at Summer Orientation.
Will I meet with a major advisor?
By registering for a date that corresponds with your major, you will have the opportunity to meet with a major advisor. Please note that if you do not sign up for date when your major is represented, or if you change your major without changing to the appropriate orientation session, we cannot ensure that a major advisor will be available.
Can I show up just to register for classes?

No. You must attend all of the activities to be able to register for classes. We want to make sure you are well informed in order to make appropriate class selections, as well as to provide you with information you will need throughout your college career.

If I don’t have a major, will I be able to sign-up for classes?
Class registration is available for all students who have been completely admitted and have registered for a Summer Orientation session. We can assist you with picking appropriate classes to get you on the right track towards graduation. We can also help identify introductory courses that can be a good way to explore areas of interest, and provide you with great campus resources that can help you eventually choose a major.
What's the weather going to be like?

Average weather for June and July in Chico is around mid-90's, but can reach up into the hundreds. You might also want to bring a light sweater or jacket, as some of the air conditioned buildings can get chilly.

We recommend that you check the forecast for the day(s) you are going to be at Orientation. This will be a full day of activities and comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Check the Weather!
What do I need to bring to orientation?

You can find a list of everything you need at one of the following Preparation pages:




Now that I have registered what do I need to do before I come to orientation?

There several things that you may need to do. Please refer to the Summer Orientation checklists, which can be found at:

Freshman Checklist

Transfer Checklist
How do I get there from the airport?
Please refer to our Directions to Campus page.
What hotels are available?
Please refer to our Lodging page.
Where can I get a map of the town?