Office Copier Program—MFPs

University Printing Services centrally manages the Office Copier Program which provides departments with self-service, multi-functional Canon machines that copy, print, scan, and fax. Campus participants are provided with paper, toner, staples, and full-service maintenance, as well as the equipment itself from The Ray Morgan Company. For more information, call University Printing Services at 530-898-5992.

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How-To Guides
  • Collate
  • Staple
  • Copy/print back to back (saves paper)
  • Network printing
  • Fax–receive a hard copy or fax to email
  • Color scan to email
  • Compact Design–decrease your footprint
  • Cost Accounting System–print anywhere on campus and only your department or foundation account is charged
  • Secure print option–print when you get to the device–good for keeping confidential documents secure
  • Energy savings
  • Supplied paper for copier (MFP) use only–8.5x11, 30% recycled, post consumer waste
Program Costs
  • Printing (from your computer)
    • $.049 cents for each single-sided print, regardless of size
    • $.091 cents for double-sided printing (savings of $.007 on second side)
  • Copying (standing at the MFP)
    • $.087 cents for each single-sided copy
    • $.167 cents for each double-sided copy (savings of $.007 on second side)
  • Scanning
    • $.005 cents (per scan)
  • Fax Received
    • $.087 cents Hard Copy - no charge to send email
  • See Paper Billing Process for excess supplied paper usage
  • The machine is accessed using a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a four-digit Billing Code.
  • When network printing, the machine will allow you to print through recognition of your login and domain name.
  • When scanning, your PIN and Billing Code must be linked to your email address.