Safety Policy Statement

It is the policy of the CSU, Chico Research Foundation to provide safe working conditions for all employees and to promote continuing, vital SAFETY AWARENESS at all levels, from top management to the individual worker.  It is our belief that SAFETY AWARENESS is the basis on which a safety program must be founded; for, without this, safety is seriously compromised.

The Research Foundation recognizes its responsibility to furnish a place of employment which shall be safe for employees and visitors; to provide safety devices and mechanical safeguards; to the use of methods and processes to protect the life, health, safety and welfare of employees, visitors and the general public; and, to maintain and enforce a program to fulfill this responsibility.

Therefore, it shall be considered your responsibility to not only assure your own personal safety, but to develop a concern for the safety of all who work with you.  If you become aware of a safety concern or hazardous situation, it should be reported immediately to your supervisor and the CSU, Chico Research Foundation Administrative Office.  A “Report of Safety Hazard” is used for this purpose. Either use the link or contact the Research Foundation Administration Office to request a form.  In no circumstance, except an emergency, should an employee leave a shift without reporting a work related injury or illness that has occurred.

As an employee, you shall at all times, while on Research Foundation or University property, conduct yourselves and perform work in a safe manner consistent with existing safety rules.

For safety training resources, contact the Research Foundation Administration office at 25 Main St., Ste. 203, (530) 898-6811.