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Network Refresh Project

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Campus Network Infrastructure Projects

The Common Network Initiative (CNI) is an ongoing effort to maintain campus baseline network infrastructure as technology advances and user needs evolve. The program provides for the refresh of each campus network infrastructure on a cyclical basis to ensure that the network infrastructure continues to keep pace with technology and meet the changing needs of CSU students, faculty, and staff.

Network Refresh 2023

This spring, the Division of IT will be performing major upgrades to the campus network hardware, including replacing network switches (the devices that connect desktops, printers, and wireless access points) in all State-supported buildings.

This work is being done as part of the Common Network Initiative (CNI) program of the CSU Office of the Chancellor and is expected to last through mid-March 2023. Dates for much of this work are still to be determined as equipment delivery dates have seen long delays due to supply chain issues. This page will be updated as more information is known.


Beyond replacing aging gear nearing its end-of-life, benefits of this new equipment include: 

  • Faster connectivity for the core of our network – the connectivity from building switches to the network cores will increase in speed. This will reduce network bottlenecks and bring additional capacity for our ever-growing bandwidth needs. 
  • Faster wireless – along with faster core network connectivity, the connection speeds to wireless access points will increase by 2.5 or 5x. By broadening the campus bandwidth, Chico State’s network is maximized to benefit all students, faculty, and staff with the fastest internet speeds possible. 
  • More Power – delivers power and data over a single network cable to power devices such as security cameras, phones, and wireless access points all over campus. With this new equipment, up to 90 Watts of power can be provided over a network cable, giving us the potential to support a wide range of network-powered systems, such as electronic signs, building lighting, and even desktop computers.  


Installation of the new equipment is currently planned over a three-week period, from February 27 through March 17. As this will require an interruption in network services to affected buildings, all installations are being planned to occur overnight between 10PM and 6AM to minimize the impact to the campus. A more detailed schedule is being developed to better indicate when each building will be affected and the building list below will be updated once this schedule is finalized.

Project Schedule

Below you will find a detailed schedule of when each of the campus buildings will be impacted as new hardware is replaced and upgraded. Again, this work will occur overnight to minimize disruptions to the campus community. 

Impact Schedule for Campus Buildings
Building NameDate(s) of Installation Status
Nettleton Stadium02/27/23Complete
Student Health Center02/27/23Complete
Yolo Hall02/27/23


Butte Hall02/28/23Complete
Tehama Hall03/01/23


Acker Gym03/02/23Complete
Shurmer Gym03/02/23Complete
Plumas Hall03/02/23Complete
Holt Hall03/03/23Complete
Aymer J. Hamilton03/06/23Complete
Gateway Science Museum03/06/23Complete
Modoc Hall03/06/23Complete
Center for Continuing Education03/07/23Complete
Glenn Hall03/07/23Complete
Meriam Library03/08-03/09/23Complete
Colusa Hall03/09/23Complete
Kendall Hall03/09/23Complete
Trinity Hall03/09/23Complete
Student Services Center03/10/23Complete
Ayres Hall03/13/23Complete
Selvester's Cafe03/13/23Complete
Arts & Humanities Building03/13/23Complete
Performing Arts Center03/14/23Complete
Langdon Engineering Center03/14/23Complete
O'Connell Technology Center03/15/23Complete
Boiler-Chiller Plant03/16/23Complete
FMS Warehouse & Trades Workshop03/16/23Complete
Albert E. Warrens Reception Center03/16/23Complete
Parking Structure 2 & UPD03/17/23


Sierra Hall & Annex03/17/23Complete
Laxson Auditorium 03/17/23Complete
Sapp Hall03/17/23Complete
Science Building03/17/23Complete
University Farm03/20/23 (work occurring during the day)Complete

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