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Your success matters to us and we are proud to be your partners in achieving the best you can be. No one can, however, do it for you. Wise choices. Planning. Utilizing your resources. Please ask questions and let us know how we can help. To help you make the most of your college years, here are some guidelines.

Notebook with grades written on it as follows: A+ Excellent, A Very good, B+ Good, B, C+, C Average, D+, D Poor, must try harder, F Failure, check mark 10/10 100%, X 0/10 Redo!!
  • Go to class. Every course has its own policy on attendance, but showing up prepared and participating will get you started on the right track.

  • Visit your instructors during their office hours. There are several excellent reasons to utilize instructor's office hours. Our faculty members are approachable, helpful, and have a wealth of professional experience. Not only can they assist you with course requirements but are also a resource to help you identify and pursue your career path. Office hours are typically printed in your class syllabus. 

  • Meet with a Business Advisor in Glenn 321 (530-898-4480) each semester. Our advisors are trained to help you make wise choices in planning your course selections and declaring your business major and option. We can also connect you with opportunities and services on campus so you can make the most of your time in college.

  • Get involved. One of the best ways to make friends and develop leadership skills is to join one of our student organizations. To truly globalize your education, study abroad in a country related to your career interests. To build your career skills, arrange for one or more internships during your years as a student.

  • Work hard to complete the lower-division business core during your first 60 units, so you can work on your upper-division and option courses as early as possible. This allows you to pursue opportunities like internships and helps you graduate on time.

  • Plan ahead. If you are interested in studying abroad, adding a minor and/or certificate, double optioning, or getting an internship, planning with your advisor in advance can save time, money, and frustration later on. We can help you plan your courses accordingly, point out steps you need to take, or assist with making potentially life-changing decisions.
  • Stay connected. Check your Wildcat email at least daily since both the University and College of Business use email to keep you informed. Another way we send you updates is through the BlackBoard Learn Community which you access through the portal.
  • Exercise academic integrity and be ethical. When students cheat it degrades the value of our degree, reduces the likelihood students will be prepared for their career, tarnishes our reputation, and generally demonstrates poor character. Be better than that. Work hard, stay focused, be ethical, and you won’t feel the need to go down a path of academic dishonesty. Of course, if you get caught cheating, it can ruin your academic career. “Cheating” – It’s Just Not Worth It (PDF)! For more information, go to the University’s Academic Integrity site.

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