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Distributed Learning Technologies

Blackboard Spring Cleaning 2019

In order to mitigate strain on system resources, DLT will implement a data retention strategy for Blackboard Learn. Starting in April 2019, courses that are more than 5 years old will be archived into offline storage.

Why archive courses more than 5 years old?

During Q3 2018, DLT became aware that Blackboard’s disk usage was substantially higher than our contracted quota. DLT immediately began several efforts to mitigate this overage, including data cleanup initiatives, archival of older content into cold storage, and negotiating with the vendor for a temporary quota increase. In order to avoid additional charges running into tens of thousands of dollars annually, it will be necessary to implement a new data retention strategy. 

DLT has been collaborating with numerous stakeholders in order to draft a new data retention policy for the learning management system (LMS). This project includes the effort to develop workflows around archival of old content, a mechanism for users to request temporary restoration of archived content into non-production systems, and the initial Spring Cleanup 2019 implementation of these strategies starting in April 2019.

Can I recover content after it has been archived?

Yes, for a limited time. Content that is up to 7 years old will be kept in cold storage.

Archived content can be accessed by the following workflow:

  1. Owner submits a ticket identifying the archived content that they need to access.
  2. DLT will find the relevant archive(s) in cold storage.
  3. DLT will temporarily upload that archive into a non-production LMS instance.
  4. Owner will have temporary access to the content for up to 30 days

What happens to the archived content?

Archived content may be subject to final removal 7 years after the original course date.