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Distributed Learning Technologies


In alignment with Chico State’s current campus objectives and Information Resources’ (IRES) Information and Technology Strategic Plan, Distributed Learning Technologies (DLT) has been actively engaged in the following Student Success Support projects and initiatives in the Accessibility area:

Blackboard Ally

Campus wide activation went live May 24, 2018.  This tool should continue to help foster continuous improvement via faculty reports and the distribution of the “Institutional Report”.

Video Migration Project

Still in progress. There is resistance to moving existing video content from other video platforms (Bb Learn, YouTube, Vimeo) to Kaltura. As we offload video content from Blackboard Learn into other locations, this will mitigate risks involving non-captioned content.

Standardized Process

We have enacted a new project intake progress that helps ensure campus ITPR’s are completed prior to academic software activation.

DLT Website Redesign

DLT’s website has been redesigned in Cascade 3.0 in order to take advantage of the latest advances in mobile-friendly, accessible design. The site is regularly scanned by SiteImprove to detect and resolve accessibility issues.