Enterprise Applications


TechSmith creates two software applications that can be used on all campus-owned machines:

  • Camtasia video capture + editing software
  • Snagit screen capture software (still images and full video)


Camtasia allows you to record video from your computer's screen, including your entire screen or just one window. A simple timeline-based editor makes it easy to create clips or screenshots from your recorded video, which can then be used to create original content or fill out an existing presentation.

Camtasia's editor also supports simple effects, such as highlights, animations, titles, transitions, and more.

If you are recording technical documentation, Camtasia has several helpful features, including recorded mouse movements, mouse cursor highlights, recordings with embedded display of clicks and keystrokes, and built-in notes, captions, highlights, or shapes.

If you are on a campus-owned computer, you can install Camtasia using the Application Catalog.

See also: Camtasia vendor website


Snagit helps you create images and videos of your computer's screen. You can capture images or videos using your entire screen, an entire application window, or a selected area of the screen.

Images can be edited with a simple but powerful editor, adding highlights, text, circles, arrows, and other effects.

This process is very helpful when you need to quickly explain a visual process, communicate technical support information, or walk someone through a workflow with quick screen captures.

With Snagit, adding screenshots to your technical documentation can be done in just a few clicks.

If you are on a campus-owned computer, you can install Snagit using the Application Catalog.

See also: Snagit vendor website