Enterprise Systems

Co-Host and Co-Location Services

ESYS offers co-host and co-location services to departments for a cost recovery fee. Co-host services include operating system health and maintenance, system and application monitoring alerts, and backup and recovery services.

Co-Host Services

Co-host services are available for file or application servers located in the Campus Data Center, or cloud-based in Azure.

ESYS can maintain the operating system health of the departmental file or application server. This includes providing operating system patches. ESYS monitors the appropriate log files, space requirements, and health of hardware components if applicable. 

Co-Hosting allows you to have Operating Systems Analysts to manage the health and performance of your server and operating system. Our sole focus is on the health and performance of your systems.

System and Application Monitoring

ESYS provides email and text message alerts for monitoring and health of co-hosted servers and applications at any interval desired by our customers.

Azure Backup and Recovery

ESYS provides backup and recovery services for co-hosted systems, utilizing Azure, Microsoft's cloud solution. For best practices in data retention and redundancy, ESYS adheres to the 3-2-1 rule at all times: ESYS keeps 3 copies of data in 2 locations, at least 1 of which is offsite. Additionally, hosted data is encrypted at all times; both in transit, and at rest.

Structured file servers and databases have data retained and available for retrieval for 14 days, while other campus servers and data types are retained for 30 days before deletion.

More information about backup and recovery is available in our Service Level Agreement (PDF).

Co-Location Services

Co-location hosting is a low-cost option for physically protecting your server. Co-Location allows you to place your server in a professional data center with appropriate electrical and HVAC cooling, state-of-the art rack equipment, appropriately sized UPS systems, and data center trained staff. ESYS can coordinate the re-location of your servers with Central Operations.

With Co-Location, customers gain the benefit of a professional and secure environment, while maintaining their own data and hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the typical costs?

    Costs can vary depending on the number of servers hosted and support options that are selected. All costs reflect cost recovery for CCSV and ESYS time and materials. A sample of possible costs may be available soon.

  2. Can I start with Co-Location Services and add Co-Hosting Later?

    Yes, if you want to move your servers to the data center and continue to perform all server maintenance, you can do so. You can change to a co-hosting agreement at any time that you choose.

  3. Do you offer database services?

    Yes. Database services are available for Oracle and Microsoft SQL. You can provision a database through the ITSS Service Catalog.

  4. Will I have a point of contact for co-host systems?

    Yes. Each server will be assigned a primary and backup ESYS server administrator. You may contact either server administrator with questions or concerns, or you may contact Steve Krok, Enterprise Systems manager.

More information is available in our Service Level Agreement (PDF). If you have any further questions about ESYS co-host or co-location services, please contact Steve Krok, Enterprise Systems manager, at (530) 898-4616