Enterprise Systems

Co-Host System Services

ESYS can offer co-host services to departmental file or application servers for a cost recovery fee. Co-host services include operating system health and maintenance, system and application monitoring alerts and backup and recovery services.

Co-Host services presume that the departmental file or application server has been relocated to the campus Data Center. Central Operations is responsible for the co-location services related to servers in the Data Center. ESYS and Central Operations work cooperatively in providing the services. ESYS can coordinate the re-location of your servers with Central Operations.

Operating System Health

ESYS can maintain the operating system health of the departmental file or application server. This will include providing all operating system patches from your operating system vendor. ESYS will monitor the appropriate log files, hard drive space requirements and the hardware components. 

Sample document of SLA Co-Hosting Agreement (PDF)

Nagios System and Application Monitoring

ESYS can provide email and text message alerts for the servers. ESYS can provide a simple system availability check and/or whether a web services is responsive. Departmental contacts can receive the alerts 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Monday to Friday; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or at any other user defined interval. The availability check intervals are also customizable. ESYS typically queries system availability every 2 minutes and web service response every 5 minutes; however, this also can be customized. Sample Backup SLA (PDF).

Backup and Recovery

ESYS can provide system backup and recovery for the data that resides on the server. ESYS will encrypt all data that is backed up in transit to the backup devices as well as data that will reside on the backup devices and tape(s). For data backups that are less then 200GB, ESYS will pool the data backup with other similar sized servers, unless otherwise specified. ESYS can create special archived tapes, for example at month end to store offsite, in the data center or ESYS can provide you the tape for your location. ESYS is very flexible in the scheduling of backups such that we do not contend with times of day when users are actively on the system. Sample Backup SLA (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I find out more about co-hosting opportunities?

    To request a consultation, please contact Ray Quinto at 530-898-4616.

  2. What are the typical costs?

    Costs can vary depending on the number of servers hosted and support options that are selected. The following can provide a base line for some costs, however, each situation can be different thus a consultation is necessary. All costs reflect cost recovery for CCSV and ESYS time and materials. Please contact Steve Krok at 530-898-4616 for further details.

  3. Can I start with Co-Location Services and add Co-Hosting Later?

    Yes, if you solely want to move your servers to the data center and continue to perform all server maintenance, you can do so. It is common to start slowly with our services and add others at a later date. If you do move your servers to the data center, it wouldn’t be uncommon to request Nagios System and Application Monitoring services and Backup Services.

  4. Will I be notified of system downtime?

    All preventative maintenance downtimes are planned in advance according to pre-established Service Level Agreements or SLA’s. If ESYS is aware of a system operating patch that needs to be applied, the downtime to apply the patch and reboot the server will be coordinated with the department primary contact. The only exception to this statement would be zero day patches which are deemed security risks and must be applied immediately. In those cases, you will be contacted by phone for patch coordination.

  5. Will you support any operating system?

    For co-host servers where ESYS will manage the servers, our internal expertise and tool sets are geared to Windows and Linux systems. Other operating systems can be evaluated, however, there would be steep costs to develop expert level knowledge and related tool sets.

  6. Do you offer database services?

    At this point in time, database services are available for my-sql through the web application services department within Computing & User Support Services. MS-SQL database services can be separately evaluated within ESYS.

  7. What are your hours of support for co-host systems?

    The ESYS staff is available Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on all common business days.

  8. Will I have a point of contact for co-host systems?

    Each server will be assigned a primary ESYS server administrator with a backup administrator for vacation, sick and training purposes. You may contact either server administrator as questions or concerns arise or you may contact Steve Krok, Enterprise Systems manager at 530-898-4616.

  9. What are the advantages of Co-Location and Co-Hosting?

    Co-Location allows you to place your server in a professional data center with appropriate electrical and HVAC cooling, state of the art rack equipment, appropriately sized UPS systems, and data center trained staff. Co-Hosting allows you to have certified operating systems analysts to manage the health and performance of your server and operating system. Our sole focus is on the health and performance of your systems.