IMC Productions

AAIM Training

Presenter with microphone standing in front of composited CGI train

When creating a training program for CAL Fire, we used our extensive range of services to create a training course that includes manuals for participants and instructors, slideshows for each segment of the manual, a fully automated and secure website to store and disperse the manuals and accompanying materials, and 3 fully-interactive disaster scenarios where the participants learn while experiencing true-to-life disasters created on the highest-quality video, featuring seamless animation and authentic news reports.

"The reason I like working with the staff at the IMC is that they're fun, [and] they're innovative. I like to be surrounded by creative people, creative talent…they can take your written material and they can give you ideas of how best you can present it. [Also], they have state of the art tools [and] equipment…anything that's new and ‘Hollywood' comes to the IMC and their staff is working on developing those skill sets."

Working with CAL Fire, all aspects of the video production was done to exacting standards, from conceptualizing, scripting, and development through the casting, direction, narration, and the actual 'shoot.' IMC finalized each video segment with sound and visual effects as well as voice-over and animation, all in order to make each scenario 'real' and allow the CAL Fire participants to explore each disaster thoroughly in order to perform to the best of their abilities. Coupled with the more 'traditional' in-class training, the AAIM experience is a complete package of fully-designed manuals, online resources, and the highest-quality animation and video production.

"With the ability to do 3D animation, we can reproduce things in video that we can't actually reproduce in the real world without creating a lot of havoc. 3D animation gives us an opportunity to recreate buildings collapsing or trains colliding without actually injuring anybody or polluting the environment. …the real world effect; that's really key. Bringing the reality of the situation to the video that people watching…can really identify with."