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Cofense PhishMe

Did You Know?

Don't get hooked by an email scam
  • More than 3,000 CSU, Chico email accounts have been compromised in the last 6 months due to successful phishing attacks.

  • 92% of all breaches start with a successful phishing email.

  • You can hover your mouse over links to see where they really go!

One of the most serious cyber-security risks facing the campus today comes from phishing email messages.

Watch the PhishMe Overview Video(opens in new window)

What is PhishMe

PhishMe is an awareness training program, where you will receive emails that mimic the phishing emails that target our organization.

The purpose of these emails is to give you hands-on experience in what a phishing email looks like. If you suspect an email is a phishing attack you should delete it. Do not click on links or open attachments in a suspicious email. If you do fall prey to one of the simulated phishing attacks, you'll instantly see that it was just a training exercise, along with some education material about how to improve at identifying spear phishing. 

The results of this campaign will be kept confidential

Benefits of PhishMe

This is an attempt to help protect student and employee privacy and confidentiality, not to trick you.  This tool is intended to help the campus community recognize and ignore email phishing messages, this will hopefully result in a lower number of compromised accounts as well as promote cyberawareness to the campus community.

Even though our education will be focused on phishing at work, the tips you learn will better protect you at home from having your identity and/or financial account information stolen via phishing.

PhishMe Campaigns

Email Job Scams(opens in new window)

CSU, Chico students are often targeted with scams promising jobs. Students have been scammed out of money or had campus accounts compromised by job-related phishing scams. ITSS recently used PhishMe to raise awareness of this type of scam and found that 2.46% of CSU, Chico students were susceptible to this type of scam.

February Phishing Awareness Campaign(opens in new window)

As part of a phishing awareness campaign an email was sent to campus in February that mimicked a phishing email. About 8% of CSU, Chico employees and students that opened this email were found susceptible to phishing.

December Phishing Awareness Campaign(opens in new window)

To kickoff the PhishMe campaign an email was sent to campus employees and students; this email mimicked a phishing email similar to those that have targeted our organization. It was found that 16% of CSU, Chico employees and students were susceptible to phishing.