Information Security


  1. Is Data Security training mandatory?  Yes. All employees using CSU Chico informational resources (e.g. email address) are required to complete the training.
  2. Why is some training every 3 years and some annually? Employees working with sensitive electronic data (Level 1 Data) are required to complete the training annually. All other employees are required to complete the training every 3 years.
  3. I received a notification my training was waived. What does that mean? ISEC may waive your scheduled training requirement if you have completed another qualifying training, or you transfer to a position that has different data security requirements. 
  4. I'm an inactive employee. Do I still need to complete training? Compliance training is assigned to all active employees. If your employee/payment status is active in the PeopleSoft HR system compliance training will be automatically assigned. Please contact HR Professional Development if you believe your employee status is inactive and you should not be assigned training.