IT Support Services

Department Labs

IT Support Services provides the following support for department computer labs:

Computer lab design, installation, and upgrade assistance

IT Support Services provides consulting for hardware and software purchases, lab layout and design, networking, furniture, hardware and software security, and printing. Contact ITSS at x4357 for more information.

Lab maintenance support

IT Support Services supports department labs via the designated lab managers. Only the designated lab manager should report lab problems or request support.

  • Hardware problems: If a lab manager clearly identifies a physical hardware problem in a department computer lab (e.g. dead keyboard or monitor), s/he should submit an IT Support Services Service Request or phone in the problem to x4357.
  • Emergency problems: Contact ITSS at x4357 to report the problem and they will dispatch a support technician. Examples of emergencies would be:
    • Entire lab networking down
    • Print server down
    • Instructor station down and can't teach

Central access to current site-licensed software, plug-ins, and patches

IT Support Services maintains the current campus-standard lab software image for PC and Mac. This includes:

  • Site-licensed application software (including the Microsoft Office suite)
  • Campus standard browser plug-ins
  • Anti-virus software and data files
  • Utility programs
To get access to the campus standard lab software image, contact ITSS at x4357.

Wildcat Card-based printing support

IT Support Services maintains the campus ID based printing system. Using this system, students pay for lab printing using funds in their Wildcat Card account. For information on setting up Wildcat Card printing, or to report problems with Wildcat Card printing, contact ITSS at x4357.

Installation of department-specific software in the library lab

Since many students are dependent on using the hardware and software in campus computer labs and the department labs often have limited open hours, IT Support Services will install department specific software in the Meriam Library computer lab. Department faculty or lab managers must provide IT Support Services with current licenses for the software. Contact ITSS at x4357 for details.