University Printing Services

Forest Stewardship Council® Certification

FSC Logo, contians The mark of responsibilityrainforest alliance certified

University Printing Services has been FSC® Chain-of-Custody Certified since 2012. As an FSC certified printer we can apply the FSC logo with the Rainforest Alliance mark on any job we produce using FSC certified paper. Our FSC chain-of-custody number is RA-COC-005902.

Chain-of-Custody Certification

Between the forest and the final user, products may undergo many stages of processing, manufacturing and distribution.

FSC Chain-of-Custody certification traces the path of products from forests through the supply chain, verifying that FSC-certified material is identified or kept separated from non-certified material throughout the chain.

Any company in this supply chain, including harvesters, processors, manufacturers, distributors, printers, retailers* or anyone that is taking ownership of the forest product before the end user, needs to be FSC certified to be able to label or promote their products as FSC certified.