University Printing Services

Full Color Envelopes

Print and Mail Services understands that envelopes don’t just carry a message inside. Envelopes are the key to making a good initial impression when mailing important materials. That is why we now offer envelopes printed in full color.

envelopes with colored graphics

  • From your PDFs: Full color envelope printing is only limited by your creativity and the constraints of the United States Postal Service.
  • Quick Turnaround: Enjoy a speedy turnaround of 5 days or less on quantities up to 3,000!
  • Low Price: We offer multiple sizes of envelopes, low quantities and affordable pricing. Prices start as low as 13¢ a piece for full color envelopes! Prices vary based on quantity, style of envelope, and the amount of ink coverage.
  • Address and Print Simultaneously: We can print and address your envelopes at the same time! This reduces lead time needed to produce your bulk mailings and will save you time from addressing your own envelopes.

How to Order

Because this is a new product and there are so many variations, orders for full color envelopes will be handled by customer service personnel at Print and Mail Services and is currently not available for ordering through NowPrint. Call 530-898-5992 or email for pricing or more information.