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Interactive Business Cards with Quick Response (QR) Codes

Print and Mail Services is pleased to now offer business cards with Quick Response (QR) codes printed on the back. QR codes turn your static business card into an interactive marketing tool with the choice of one of the following codes:

Automatically Add Your Contact Info To A User’s Address Book

Front with flame logo and Back with QR code to add contact to address book

Take A User To Your Website

Front with flame logo and Back with QR code to link to website

If you're not familiar with QR codes, they are a two-dimensional barcode that allows a static message to become a hyperlink to online information. The process of using a QR code is simple. A user with a preloaded QR code reader on their smartphone can instantly view a web page or add your contact information to their address book.

Select the “Business Cards, Stationery & Paper Icon” and select the folder titled “Business Cards with QR Codes.” Select your quantity, personalize your business card, and enter the information for the QR code. If you need assistance placing your order in NowPrint, please let us know at 530-898-5992.