Marion Epting
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I am concerned with the play of opposites: opposites which are not conflicting or competing, but complementary and necessary parts of a whole. I believe in the simultaneous co-existence of opposites. This idea has persisted for so long and has been perpetuated by so many civilizations that it is the closest thing to a "truth" I know. Lao Tzu, Marx, Freud, Levi-Strauss, and the majority of Saharan African cultures all incorporated this concept into their beliefs.


"Common Ground"
intaglio,28" x 26"


"One Hand Clapping",
exhibition view


"Butterfly III"
serigraph, 28" x 26"


"Nanie's Table"
intaglio, 30" x 26"


1965-69 Master of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Otis Art Institute (Otis/Parsons)
1960-65 Associate Arts, Los Angeles City College

1969-present Full Professor, California State University, Chico