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College of Humanities & Fine Arts

Welcome to the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, where we bring together people from multiple disciplines and backgrounds to explore the arts, philosophies, languages, religions, literatures, and histories of diverse cultures. We are dedicated to the inherent value of arts and ideas and the importance of imaginative and creative work. Here students develop as critical and creative thinkers who are able to communicate clearly in written, oral, and artistic expression; who embrace intellectual curiosity; who cultivate an aesthetic awareness of their world and contemporary culture; who employ appropriate theories, tools, and technologies in pursuit of learning; who use their education to contribute to the common good; and who are at home in a complex world.  We hope you enjoy exploring HFA and all we have to offer!

Fall Musical: Cabaret

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One of the most iconic and revolutionary musicals of the 1960s, Cabaret tells the story of a young American writer and a British nightclub singer in pre-WWII Germany.

Director Matthew Teague Miller said, "Cabaret is timeless but it is also timely. There are fascinating parallels to the depressed time (in which) it is set and the era in which we are currently living."

Guests will enter through the Harlen Adams Theatre backstage door and be seated on stage during the performance.  

Purchase tickets through the University Box Office, 530-898-6333. 

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